Watch Video: Oh Boy! Beverly Osu and Angelo Get It On In The BBA House



18 and above!
Beverly and Angelo got hot and heavy last night in the bathtub. It finally happen, few weeks ago, Beverly Osu and Angelo took the finger paroles dimension and now it has led to doing it on live TV. Well sort of…



    • and what makes you better that her. Are you a virgin with your own job, house and future. Ate least 1 out of every 10 ppl have fucked on camera for free. she at least got paid for it.

  1. Pls dey are both adult let dem do wht ever pleasise non of ur concern u guys dat are conderming if dey give u chance u will do worst so pls sharap ur fuckn mouth

    • Desmond you are a big fool, and worst of all, you are mentally retarded, its only people on the verge of insanity like you that will agree to having sex on live cam on the umbrella of adult hood… Grow up desmond, and better still make a life… Idiot, I guess u will end up getting married to her.

      • Krazie brave i disagreed with you because at my own point of view you are the fool here, not him because am sure your Gf does more than this and get paid with nothing so please shout your mouth and mind your business BIGGER FOOL

  2. Angelo wht a brave handsom look guy I lik ur actn alrght, mak her chop banana till she go yoo, nvr bad abt dat, dat is d lif style n a chary whch she choos 4d her self, keep f-“‘in whn u ar young bt mor onc again u ar disgrac 2 ur own family, bt I av memories n thinkin dz 4 lng dat bigbrother show is publish n establish in Goddlen way infact dat man share cup wth d devil him slf in oder 2 win soul 2 d kindom of darkness many femal shal inherient d d kingdom of

  3. O my gosh, i believe dis lady is nt a northern becos even our christien in d north will nt involve theirs self in dis kind of shemfull act. Were are ur pastos? Is it a kind of fund 2 dem or wat? Now a days christaint dnt practies their false religion any more, i knw even christianity did nt teaches dis and again u are regecting early marrage. Shame on u!!!!!!!

  4. Some of ya have done worse things and you get guts to come criticise the poor girl for having sex w/ her lover when some of ya have a whole cementary in your cupboard

  5. It is clear that all those supporting the bitch will act porn movie. If you wanna have sex, have sex but please not on camera. She even had unprotected sex with a guy who has a girlfriend outside the house. Beverly Osu, you’re a shame. I hated this BBA show of a thing. It is sure a way of leading people astray and them gals are happy about it. Their naked pictures are all over the internet, how many guy’s pics have you seen? What if this bitch doesn’t win @ the end and Angelo dumps her??? Sorry for your life

    • How old are you please and swear with your life that your wife or your GF as being loyal to you ever since you’ve met with her or him so please don’t judge other by their action since you’ve not clear your end so IMOLIFE go fuck ur self for all l care beverly can do what she wants it none of your business you are just being jealous because you aint there and you can never and will never be there if your choose to criticize other people action

  6. I was just wondering if roles were reversed & Beverly was South African, Angelo, Nigerian – would there be so much ‘hate’ for our countryman? Nigerians would be like: ‘way to go man, you tapped that ass real good, damn! you are the man’.

  7. Hmmmm,they both sinned, fine they r adults Ãήϑ r acountable to Щα̲̅τ̅ evr they D̶̲̥̅̊φ but fø̲̣̣я̅ heaven`s sake must I̶̲̥̅̊τ̅ ß I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ †ђξ BBH. Signs of †ђξ endtime.

  8. many girls are like that. she looks like she was on her heat period,that she couldnt control her urge,she enjoyed it more than the guy,and maybe she wants to be controversial .D question is ‘does she knw that the camera was on her? She was just desperate for marriage,hence she wouldn’t want to lose at both sides. If she cant win the price let her win the guy.That was her mind set. To her, anybody is entitled to his or her own opinion.the difference b/w wht she did with other girls was that, she opened her own cunt in the public. Otherwise, all these girls are same.They’r all wonderful.

  9. It is very true that they are all adult. But let us hide our nakedness. A good trained Nigerian girl will not want to disgrace her Family and Country. Pls let us represent well were ever we are. Some one is watching.

  10. success n randy or wat eva u call urself. I guess is bird of d same feather. Why don’t u go on d street open up dat ur legs n call all d guy attension on d street 2com n hav sex wit u. Let us knw. Y do u alwaz sex in d huz wit no camera?

  11. Hmmmmmmm Beverly Osu its quite unfortunate you spent your days like this in the bba house its your life but what is bab is bad.


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