Video: Tout Kitchen – Ogbanje Cake


Ogbanje Cake

The touts celebrate Kekere Lion’s NEA nomination with an Ogbanje Cake. Watch, laugh & enjoy this funny video


Light Skin Ogbanje Cake: Black Eyed Peas, Pink Salmon, Tuna, Lump Crab meat, Sardines, Crayfish, Maggi, M&M candy

Dark Skin Cake: Oloyin (Honey) Beans, Chicken Suya, Gizzard, Corned Beef, Fresh Hot Vietnamese Pepper, Chilli Pepper, Maggi, Salt, Palm Oil

Jerk Fried Egg – Chicken Abortion, Jerk Sauce, Sriracha Sauce

Marine Spirit: Fresh fish, Alomo Bitters and Salt Water

Store bought tiny ass cake, Alomo Bitters

The Touts, Foxy P, Kanmi, Kapone and Chief Obi are Nigerian born US based stand up comedians signed to African Comedians Inc, a comedy agency in Baltimore, Maryland.  They are currently on a 52 city African Princes of Comedy North American tour with stops at Princeton University, Georgetown and University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  To see more of their comedy visit their YouTube channel



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