Video: How To Tell That He’s Gay! Toke Makinwa Gives The Ladies 5 Signs To Look For



I’m sure for the ladies nothing is more frustrating that meeting a guy, thinking all sorts and then realizing that he’s gay. Or even worse being a relationship with him while he does his downlow business outside.

Yea. So here are 5 signs that this guy you met might be gay. Presented by Toke Makinwa of course.

In related news, looks like Toke’s vlog might have earned her an appearance on Moments with Mo as she was in Calabar yesterday for a show taping.

Check you out, Toke.




  1. Ohh well, all true maybe, except for where she mentioned “if you walk past each other and you brush him but he doesn’t have a boner, he’s gay”. Must I always have a boner whenever I walk past and brush a lady?? No matter how sexy, this thing is a thing of the mind, what if I wasn’t even in a good mood, or any other thing else?? Abeg!


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