Video: Seun Kuti Refuses To Continue Performing As Security Stopped Fans From Dancing


Nigerian super star performer Seun Kuti and youngest son of Afrobeat legend late Fela Kuti was scheduled to perform on the last night of music showcase during the New world Nigeria event holding in Stratford London. Due to late scheduling and no fault of his own, the renowned saxophonist who was the headline act got on stage an hour later than expected but was determined to fulfil his hour long set to his fans. From the minute his performances started and the adoring fans couldn’t help but get on their feet dancing to the songs the security guards at the Theatre were quick to move in asking the fans to sit down and remain sited. Noticing what was going on, Seun Kuti spoke up reiterating his reasons for being on stage was to please his fans asking the audience to get up on their feet and rock on. This led to a rapturous applause from the entire auditorium leaping to their feet with joy. Once this happened, the security guards moved in and Seun Kuti stopped the music saying “I am here to make my fans dance, if they are not going to be allowed to do this then I will not perform”. Instantly one security guard jumped on stage to ask that Seun Kuti stopped performing and the show was cut short.

Watch Factory78tvs coverage of what went on after the incident right here.



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