VIDEO: Reminisce, Olamide and Phyno Undermine Hiphop Culture: The A-Q Story



Fast rising Nigerian rapper, A-Q airs his views on Reminisce controversial single “Local Rappers” which featured Olamide and Phyno.

A-Q talks to Nigezie about the situation and the reasons why he replied the three rappers on the track “Local Rappers”.

Watch interview below and don’t forget to share your thoughts.


  1. Bruhhh you hella naive to think that rap is about rap. Homeboy should wake up to the real world which is whatever sells is whatever sells. If atm street rap is what sells then who the fvck are you to tell them that they are wrong?? abi the bank account they have filled with money was made from punchlines ni? They are doing they’re thing(and remarkably better than you) and you’re outchea throwing shade. Better enter the studio and make your own money International Rapper Oshi


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