Video: MTV Shuga Season 4 | Episode 2; Femi Is Thinking Of Cooling Things Off With Sheila


Emmanuel Ikubese known as Femi in MTV SHUGA is a promoter of all things musical; shows, parties and artists.

An injudiciousness in Kenya left him HIV+ and he had a hard time disclosing his status to his close friends when he returned to Nigeria.

​After dating his new found love for a while, they (Femi and Sheila – his new woman) decided to tell Sheila’s Parents about his status which didn’t
turn out well.

Well, in this new episode, he was thinking of cooling things off with Sheila as a result of the comment her parents made about being HIV+. Did
that go well? What happens when Sheila’s Parents finally found out about Femi’s status?

Also in this episode, Princess and Sophie failed to see eye to eye. Princess refused to wise up and a whole lots more.


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