Video: John Hectic – Sensual ft. Chuka Royalty



Two-time BEFFTA Award nominated UK-based Nigerian Hip Hop artist and producer John Hectic is back on the scene with his massive new single titled “Sensual” featuring Chuka Royalty on vocals, and produced by John Hectic himself. What’s more exciting, “Sensual” comes accompanied by an aptly fitting music video which is definitely not safe for viewing in the workplace!

Sonically, “Sensual” is backed by trademark horns, lush percussion drums, synth-heavy strings and a commanding vocal appearance from Chuka Royalty, filled with an impassioned delivery and a captivating baritone. As the centrepiece for “Sensual” who brings it all together in four glorious minutes, John Hectic delivers some of his best lyrics yet with a more mature and confident rap flow than we have ever heard.

Starring the very sexy, curvy and vivacious glamour model and actress Micki Macks, and filmed by H.experience Films in black and white to accentuate the visuals’ sensuality and sexiness, John Hectic’s “Sensual” music video sees Micki Macks in a luxury hotel waiting and feigning for her leading man Hectic, with the “Sensual” single providing the perfect soundtrack for the epic peering-style flick.

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