VIDEO: Endia – Me and My Guyz {The Making}


ENDIA Released “Me and My Guys” few hours back, here is behind the scenes making the single. Watch!

Sometimes you hear a song so effortless, so easy, that it speaks for itself.
Grip Muzik is proud to present Endia’s new song Me and My Guyz.
Produced by Chopstix, the song is driven by a thrumming synthetic bass and strong percussions.

“This song is many things to me. It’s a prayer for better things to come. It’s a reflection on the journey so far. And it’s a statement that nothing and no one will stand in our way. We gonna get there. Me and My guys.” – Endia

Me and My Guys is sweet muzik. Turn the lights off, turn the volume up, and let the music carry you away.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″][/youtube]


  1. It’s indeed true that Endia ‘ll make it as suggested by this song.I love the melody as well.I wish him the very best.


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