VIDEO: Duncan Daniels – Six Past Six Ft. Aduke

Duncan Daniels

Starting a day with Duncan Daniels new video for his hot number Six Past Six featuring sensational singer Aduke is a great sign of excellence for the day! Here is a flawless video which depicts in full details every lyrical content of the song well composed by Duncan Daniels. – @Bilo_Milov1

Duncan Daniels is a singer, Music Producer and Songwriter, born in Boston, Massachusetts, raised in England and Nigeria. Over the years Duncan Daniels has perfected the art of bringing to life a diverse mix of Pop, Rock, and R&B. His music combines the right ingredients of beats, vocals, lyrics and rhythm that can only be unique to his name and his brand, DunkishRock.
Duncan’s musical talents became evident at a young age, and those around him quickly took notice when he started writing music and playing the piano at the age of 11. He accredits his passion for music to growing up listening to artists such as U2, Bon Jovi, boyz II men, and of course the late great Michael Jackson. At the age of 15, the talented teen already started producing music and working with various Record labels and production companies worldwide. As an avid Traveler, he has performed at major events all around the world, including Europe, Africa, and North America. And in 2006 Duncan released his debut album I Don Taya, compiled of 12 tracks that holds classic tunes such as Will Tomorrow Ever Come, Take me Home, to name a few. On February 14th 2010 Duncan dropped his sophomore album titled Sho Stoppah, which includes hits like the song “Like This” in which he teams up with MTV Africa’s 2009 award winning rapper, M.I. You can also find Duncan on the worldwide Coast2Coast Mixtape Vol 87 presented by Lil Fats. The video for “Like This”, won a place on FUSE TV on Demand and also got on The MTV BASE music video charts, getting massive spins all over Africa and parts of Europe. His album Sho Stoppah includes artists such as Mode 9, M.I, Naira, Felyne and many more. As an unsigned independent artist, Duncan Daniels hard work shows in the success and fan base he has gained since the release of his debut album. Some of these achievements were highlighted on the Independent Hustlers segment of The Coast2Coast Magazine when he was featured in the February 2010 Issue #5.
 Duncan Daniels presently lives in New York City. His Music Video “Blindly in Love” with a very twisted plot and lead single to his third solo album titled ART OF ME, released on August 16th 2014, won a placement on FuseTV’s On Demand station and is currently accessible On Demand in 5 million homes. Duncan Daniels recently received a music review published on Round’ Magazine and was Nominated “Music Producer of the year” at the 2014 Nigerian Entertainment Awards.  Duncan Daniels is currently in the studio constantly releasing new music digitally on a weekly basis, in a series he is pushing titled, “More than a decade of music” which offered free downloads of music performed, written or produced by 

Duncan Daniels, every Friday from January 2015, to celebrate over 10 years of making music. His most recent singles include “Unconditional Love”, released at the 5th installment of “More than a decade of music” and “There She Goes Again”, released at the 9th installment, were chart toppers for the 2015 spring season. 

In October of 2015, Duncan Daniels released “More than a decade of music” as a combined album digitally world wide and January first 2016 the music video to “WillTomorrow Ever Come” off the album was released on apple music and VEVO. Will Tomorrow Ever Come” explores the visceral yearning for success at what one does so passionately, “the wait” for tomorrow’s coming and the dawn of ripping fruits of one’s accomplishments. Anyone can relate to this very human experience. Duncan’s lyrics are deep and emotional, they express his passion for the music he makes and desperately belts out for the attention it deserves.
Watch and enjoy visuals for Six Past Six by Duncan Daniels featuring Aduke!


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