The Ultimate Nigerian Love Song


You guys have decided and we finally have the ultimate Nigerian Love Song. Not like it’s much of a surprise as we probably had the feeling it would be this one, but alas it is 2face Idibia’s African Queen. The Ultimate Nigerian Love song.

2face’s African Queen single handedly opened the doors for the modern era of Nigerian love songs. It’s the song we somehow we never got tired off at every single party, wedding, child-naming ceremony, and all those kinds of things.

It was featured in the Hollywood movie, Phat Girls which featured Monique.

The song African Queen is off his “Face 2 Face” album. Produced by OJB Jezreel & 2face Idibia. This song is a celebration of the endowment of the African woman .

It’s no surprise that it was voted on by the wonderful audience at receiving a solid 25% of all votes.

Here is a breakdown of the top 10 in percentages:


Happy Valentines Day everyone from all of us at




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