Seyi Shay’s Reaction While Getting Pranked Is Priceless


These cats on the Bigger Friday Show are going to get themselves into serious wahala one day. One of their latest victims is Seyi Shay, and this one got very very serious.

This particular episode aired earlier in the month but we just got wind of it.

It features a very unsuspecting Seyi Shay being approached by a lady for apparently causing problems with OC Ukeje’s marriage. It’s particualy funny because you can just watch the progression of Seyi Shay’s rage – from ‘I’m cool’ to ‘you need to chill’ and then to ‘nah bitch, don’t fucking try me’.

Yea. Just watch it, and laugh. 3 more mins and someone would’ve gotten an ass whopping. We don’t know who though.


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