Nollywood Trailer: Onye Ozi Starring Okey Bakassi & Ngozi Igwebike



Check out the trailer to this nollywood movie, Onye Ozi (The Messenger) which stars Okey Bakassi and Ngozi Igwebike. The movie is entirely in igbo with english subtitles and premiers in London on October 18.

Plot Outline
Metumaribe (Okey Bakassi) has just arrived in London with high expectations and a two-year plan to return to Nigeria a rich man. However, life in London with his new wife Mkpurunma (Ngozi Igwebike) is not going to plan.

On a fateful night, TJ an old English man (Stephen Moriaty) is chased, by some masked men, into a party organized to welcome Metu to London and shot in front of his eyes. As party goers run away, Metu attempts to help the man. The dying man squeezes an envelope and a bunch of keys into Metu’s hand and whispers a message as he takes his last breath.

From that point on, Metu is involved. And no matter how much he runs from it or how long it takes; he knows he must deliver the message as he promised. Now his two-year plan has become a psychological adventure that will change his life and the lives of those around him forever.


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