Nollywood Trailer: Dirty Pastor


Check out new nollywood movie shot in the US. Story is based on a pastor and his crooked church ways. This should be an interesting watch.

SYNOPSIS: They say, ‘practice what you preach’. For what judgment lies ahead for Pastor Hannah? She plays the game like a sore loser, soon to reap from all the lies she has told. Her antics and spree of deception travels from China Town, to the Indian Palace, and even to the hot Jamaican spot.

As one of the most talented con-artists in the game, she is about to realize the feeling of being in way over her head. Aided only by her partner, the loose cannon, Pastor Abraham, she doesn’t know that everybody is watching, waiting for her Judgment Day. Will she escape the investigators stings, or will she fall dead into their trap? Follow Pastor Hannah as she exposes us to her world of deception and false blessings. Witness the intriguing journey of “Dirty Pastor” for your revelation of laughs, tears, and the message.




  1. so its shot in the US…wuts so Nollywood about it? for me the whole point of watching Nollywood movies is so i can see Nigeria when i'm homesick. but hey other than that its straight


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