New Video: Show Dem Camp (SDC) Ft Lucci – So Appalled




Brand new video from Show dem camp (SDC), “so appalled” which was featured here on jaguda last year. So Appalled highlights the problems we have in Nigeria and the political maneuvering that goes on daily in the country . I think this song was forgotten and I like how the video was dropped at this period, which is the election period. We as Nigerians are “So Appalled” and change is absolutely necessary. Very humorous video, but the message is clear. Gotta love SDC for this one.

Message from SDC:

2011 is a very important year in Nigeria’s history as we hope the nations forthcoming election will highlight the voice of the people in a country so blessed yet stagnant from years of misrule.

The youth of Nigeria hope, pray and long for a change from the norm and aim to make our voices heard this go round

We believe social commentary is an important part of this process and feel we as artists have a responsibility to use our voice to comment on what we see in front of us

So appalled is SDC Show Dem Camp’s humorous take on the current election process in Nigeria.

Because we participate in the process doesn’t mean we do not see the ruse that unfolds in our country everyday

Your Vote is your strength, Ensure you turn out to vote and exercise this strength.

We hope you find a dose of reality somewhere within the humour…

[youtube width=”480″ height=”390″][/youtube]


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