Kokolette Rita Blowing Grammar in Koko Mansion


This is just downright hilarious. I wont talk too much… please just listen to her analysis on crime and corruption in Naija. This is a university student o. I’m not as upset with the english as I am with lack of coagulation of her points.



  1. lollllololololololol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehee owowowowowowowowowowowowow. cant stop laughing.

  2. Oh but I love Rita so….kai!!!

    "Houtside the country they think we are the most demon people. People houtside Nigeria think we are not safety enough…..The HE HEF CEE CEE, don't have the things to hold the yahoo yahoo guys well.

    Hand during the hairpot, they har hafraid of yahoo yahoo and criminas. Bcos yahoo yahoo do use jass…."

    (Transcript via dashikibaby on YouTube:)

  3. eyin people leave story…these are the kind of "graduates" that our universities will continue to provide as long as we have nitwits in government.

    Abeg no blame the babe..afterall she just dey follow some of our so called leaders in their manner of speech!

  4. English is a borrowed language.

    In the civil service, most so call graduate can not speak proper english and if a file is being minuted to them you can not get good result from it.

    Dbanj schools (i mean Naija universities) is nothing to write about you can see for the past 3 weeks the universities were on strike and student were at home.

    How do you think we can progress with our education in nigeria.

    Please Rita can still do better, she is plain and open minded. She is real, i vote for Rita.

    I love Rita, my household loves her too we vote for Rita.

  5. she needs jesus asap…….. she is not an undergraduate in anyway…

    demon people?!?!?…… pls

    could have managed the grammer if she had a point.

  6. Sometimes i wonder if we all are watching the same koko mansion,for sure Rita has problem with presentation and english but the innocent girl is not a gradute neither is she an undergraduate,if the producers new she was not good enough why put her on the show.Look in nigeria we have alot of Ritas in different part of the country even you guys(graduates????) that a criticising after watching the kokomansion for 4weeks you couldnt understand that she is from a poor background just like most of you and could not further her education, the innocent girl dreams of becoming a lawyer.Note that the so called secondary school she attended must be a remote one.So please stop making jest of the less previledged.

  7. This is absurd……no meeting point. I cudnt even make out what she was tryin to say.She shudnt have come for the show.What if she wins and a statement to the press is required of her?


  8. Mr Ron…..I believe we learned somewhere dat we shud wash our dirty linens in private. Why come out for such a show only to let us know u were poor(she ain't the only one u know) and had no proper schooling ? It ain't proper man!….hearing those words from her mouth made me embarrassed with the show………..

    …………………………………outta here man!

  9. ha damn i don no y som pple r jus useless,, e'g de person post dis tin…. Mr Jaguda….. y yew de insult my RITA lik dat,,,, dimdim…. shes tryin her best…. she's only a secondary skul graduate….. get a life yew haters…. I hope RITA win,,,, she's real,,,, luv yew bbz,,,, carry go,,, God dey by ur side……….

  10. rita rita so much noise about her. lets be realistic she is not an ideal woman, she's beautiful no doubts good cook and housekeeper but that's not all that is required of an ideal woman. Is she presentable? or will she remain at home while the man takes other women to events? an ideal woman showed be by her husband and when ask to make a speech, the husband should be proud to introduce her. can this this be said of rita?

  11. rita is the best among the kokoletter , she is the ideal woman , i want her to be the winer of kokomansion , my vote goes rita 10

  12. Lol..lol..lol..lol..I can't stop laughig. This is not just an english language problem, there is no coherence, organization or major point. all I hear is rambling. Who is this chic? OMGD! What university is this chic going to? and what is she studying? LOL..lol..this is way too funny.

  13. lol @ slim…this thing dey pain you no be small oh….lol

    This is the greatest comic relief i've had in a while….. i cant get tired of it

    Rita for education minister & "Hee Heff C C" chair-lady……………………………lololololol

  14. I dont think dat this is funny doe, she is from a less fortunate family that is why she hasnt got a complete or a good education, but she is trying her best and I do understand what she is trying to explain, atleast she is being proud and really confident as you can see, the others are trying to change their accents, but rita is real.

    No one should laugh at this, laughing at people trying, imagine rita could just become very educated, she is pretty, African people shouldnt laught at this we should support each other.

  15. To Whom Ever It May Concern,

    Pls x 1,000,000.00 stop downgrading this girl, she could be your sister or cousin, especially Jedi Ayo (the comedian and singer) and the rest of them. I bet your forefathers and mothers couldn't speak English in their days, at least she's honest and real, not the dogs you guys sleep with @ nites and call girlfriends and wives, the ones that goes to Babalawos for renewal of for fake loves.

    In the meantime leave this woman alone.


  16. I don't know what y'all talking about but it is hilarious. She is confident and bold though but come guys,

    she is a college student.

  17. haha wtf!! its extreemly funny and the comments are not making it less funy..the fact people are taking it personal is hilarious!!!!!

  18. Abeg mk una leave d poor girl alone.she tried afterall english language is nt our mother tongue.mst of u dt criticise her ur spoken eng wil b bad

  19. The idiots who laughed at rita are real junks.i just saw this posts recently and thought i should say something.wish i could see all of you,to really know what you guys look like.you think you’re better than her?why didnt you go for the auditioning?bullshit.what she needed was your support and you couldn’t give it to her.I KNOW THAT YOU KNOW SHE’S A BETTER PERSON NOW

  20. @elimist we all know she’s a better person now but tell me that presentation in 2009 didn’t make giggle?

    When you wanna correct something pls do but don’t affront others while tryin to procure ur points.

    I saw it i laughed and laughed but later i got to understood her knot, then i just bone matter.


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