Koko Mansion (July 4th Showing) | Julius Agwu in the Mansion


Julius Agu visits the Koko Mansion. We wont ruin it for u. Just watch… still some pretty interesting stuff. Courtesy of NIGEZIE360 on youtube.

Kokolettes Chioma & Chidinma
Kokolettes Chioma & Chidinma


  1. Chineke…wonders shall never end! So this lizard in video #2 was planning on go out to the pool abi beach in her "matching bra & pant"? D'Banj u don fall my hand finish, how drunk were u when u chose that girl to be in the house? And why is this crackhead layin in the sun in her wrapper like pigs-n-blanket & supposedly tanning? As is that one is not enough, she's swallowing garri like a freaking hippoppotamus & spitting out bone like a snake, WTF?!?!? D'Banj…u need to change ur alias 4rm kok master to "kolo" master coz obviously u ain't lookin b4 leaping & choosing these girls!

  2. Bola or whatever your name is.. you need to go back to school to learn good english, Must you quarel over little issues, Your fellow girls are even begging you to stop, U still continue nagging… For real U really need to shut your trap and find something better to do. Let me Suggest for you… Take a Good Nap i think will be the best for you.. Na Orile dem born U?? As for Dbanj see d kind babes wey u go select na only 2 just fine then later u go com out for stage FILE… KOKOLET…… MAMA LET U need to change ur name from Koko matser to Kolo MAster cos I see am say U no get taste…… Ehen see dis one She no even know d diff btw Tea and Coffee.. Dbanj OOO KOKO OOO

  3. Well from looking at these videos on youtube I think the girl thet asked can she wear bra nad pant is a total disgrace!!! LMAO!!!!! wHO WOULD EVER ASK THAT KIIND OF NONSENSE QUESTION???? Well from my opinion I think the Ideal kokolet has to be eithre rita, shona or chinwe.

    Rita: African beauty, elegant, funny, respectful, confident and intelligent and has good sense of style.

    Shona: Good speech making, Beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, has good poise and her swagger is gingered!!!

    chinwe: Rich in her culture, fearless, bootylicous, sexy, beautiful, has swagger, brains and knows how to cook some delicious food.

    The rest are fake !!!!


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