Koko Mansion (July 3rd Showing)

Koko Mansion
Koko Mansion

Aha!! File`!!! Koko Mansion has officially started and of course it’s arguably the #1 show in Nigeria right now. Very interesting ladies if I must say so myself. We brought you the contestants a few days ago, and we appreciate the numerous comments. Well thanks to someone on youtube (NIGEZIE360) and HiTV we have a couple of clips from the show that aired 3 days ago. Here goes.


  1. Why was dat suya stick dancing for 5 mins in video #1? Isn't there's any drama to spice it up or wld this jst be a bunch of girls sitting around & gossiping? This is gon be more hideous than interesting featuring all these local champions especially the bald headed chick dat walks like she's got balls in b/w her legs & acts like she does drugs undercover. And what type of "security" in God's earth carries baseball bats as weapons?

    • Why don't we always support our own things, you Nigerans self…5years ago was there anything like this or even the way our own very artist are going now? my people Rome was not brought up in a day. America is over 80years old and we are not even anywhere near. sooo pls.

  2. Hahahah Sanka did you say Suya stick? HAHAHAHAHA…. woo, I'm dying over here..

    I really thought it was going to be like an American standard show. The pre-lude that Dbanj does looks decent, so why not the video quality and the shows. And people saying how they feel?

  3. LWKM @Sanka! Suya stick! I couldn't have thought of a better description!

    These girls are something else, that bald-headed one is already my favourite…"snaaappin' pictsho" LMAO!

  4. Fast forward to video #5…Wtf is "interesting ingridents"? Yo…this presenter/broadcaster of whatever she is needs to get off air ASAP! And yes…we've seen stuff like this episode after episode again, its nothing but gossiping & backstabbing girls on TV!

    P/S: The make-up artist shld stop smiling whenever she hears make-up coz she needs to make herself up first before experimenting on other people

  5. Wow….As A Nigerian, I Am Quite Appalled By The Rubbish Being Passed Off As Entertainment….The Show Was Poorly Produced And Executed…Don't See How This Show In Any Way Can Project Nigerian Women In A Positive Light…They Really Need To Yank This Show Off The Air..

  6. Nuff respect to D'Banj for making this bold move. Yes, the show migh have flaws but theguy is innovative and courageous to pull this off. Don't let's miss the point. If we say the show is badly produced,the contestants are appaling, that is the reality of the Nigerian situation. When the Government and us start fixing it, then we would have a new reality. Thanks D'Banj for letting us see this for what it is. Sanka, for you to be making comments, i guess you are watching too. Probably more than me. Do you have any better produced shows? If you do please share. I am sure D'Banj would be humble to learn from you. Big up Koko mansion. Rita is reality.

  7. it is a good show i enjoyed it i taught it will never come to an end but it finally came to an end i miss d show very much it keeps me busy i want another reality show that i much better than this one, judos to u DBANJ


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