Koko Mansion Intro


This montage has  to made me want to see this show now. The show will air on HiTV, and there are thoughts about making the show viewable online. Pretty interesting. Watch.

Koko Mansion
Koko Mansion


  1. if i ever dated dbanj…….we would have to use sign language to talk..except when he is singing..what a turn off. eww. would loveeeeeeeeeee to see this show sha.

  2. Lmao…this is gon be hideous and even more of a guilty pleasure than Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, I Love New York and other spin ups featuring these crackhead girls! Looks like he also got a shemale in the house named Bruno, she looks like a body builder!

  3. Idea show, insearch of an idea woman, idea program from idea mind.

    nigerians we should welcome things like this, if our goverment desided to be working round a circle, i think we move forward with other ideas.


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