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Following the successful maiden edition, the organisers of The Gidi Culture released the official after-movie on whilst announcing that plans for its return in 2015 are underway.
The first of its kind for many reasons but more notable is the passion for change championed by its organizers. A clear focus to break down the barriers of class within the industry through the universal language of music saw the first ever beach festival arrive in Lagos- created with the youth in mind.

Delivering a world-class production whilst drawing upon influences from Glastonbury, Coachella and Made-in-America festivals, its organizers were determined to re-create a festival ambiance- quite simply: sun, beer, music but it was far greater than that, they were changing the face of the music industry for good.

A shared belief between the Eclipse Live team that youth empowerment and a fortified community is principal to the development of Nigeria, culminated in the birth of The Dreams Project – a never been seen empowerment initiative. Championed by the passion and superior understanding of its organisers, to empower the youth to determine their own future by learning and taking charge through apprenticeship and entrepreneurship, driven by a simple theory of Inspire, Learn and Opportunity. The Dreams Project In its first year saw seven of its applicants placed in internship programmes.
The GCF rep your community initiative, once again re-iterated the focus on charity. Up until it was actioned, it was yet to be been seen that a group of young Nigerians would put together a charity exercise in the form of a beach clean, where they served as the primary volunteers nor was it seen or heard that they would organise a free gig at the NYSC Orientation Camp in Lagos.
“For us here at Eclipse Live, it is not just about organising a music event, it is about sending out a strong message to the youth of Africa. It is important that community building initiatives such as these are imbibed by the youth.” Chin Okeke, Managing partner at Eclipse Live.
With the release of the after-movie, we revisit what the festival has meant for many. It is true, that this is indeed a music festival and by no means is it being disguised as anything other, however it seeks to represent the African entertainment industry- rich in culture and heritage whilst providing a glimmer of hope for its youth of which many are being let down by the system.
Okeke, said, “ All we have wanted to do from the beginning was to make a change in music, an industry we all consume, one way or the other. The maiden edition has set the pace for us and now we are excited to come back next year, bigger and better whilst still being safe yet affordable”.
Stay tuned on for more individual performances from the likes of Naeto C, Seyi Shay and others will be live soon.
The GCF Highlight documentary is will be released worldwide from 19th June on the following stations worldwide:
Nigeria: TVC
UK: ABN TV, BEN TV, OH TV and Unity.
France: Telesud
Ghana: Viasat
Tanzania: Viasat
South Africa: Vuzu TV


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