Ghanaian Movie “4Play” Preview


Very very interesting movie preview. The Ghanaian movie industry seems to be pushing the envelope with their new movies. Hearts of Men can’t even hold a candle to what this movie seems to be hinting at. We wont talk too much “abourrit”… just watch and leave a comment or two on what you think.


  1. ahhh…na wa oh…kekere ko! one flew over the cuckoos nest le leyi oh!..what in heavens name is wrong with this pple??the story bedda make some sense!

  2. Please don't support this type of foolishness by promoting it or mentioning it. Pushing the envelope usually means bringing taboo issues to the forefront. No taboo issues are being brought to the forefront with these movies. They are just porn-ish. They don't give us the impression we must talk about sex, make sex less of a taboo, accept other people's sexual choices, or address the double standards we have about sexuality as a society – they are just sex, for sex's sake. Nothing 'pushing the envelope' about that. Please don't support it by mentioning it.

  3. this is just wrong. must we totally adopt western culture.wat happened to our own ways of life. what happened to morality.this is just sick

  4. Please, this is not something we need to be promoting. There are enough foolish and immoral things happening in this world and on out t.v screens without 'US' adding to it. Rather we should be using our giftings talents to promote positivity and change in the right direction.

    Peace, Love and blessings…

  5. Focus more on getting a good story line and not on sex scene. Just by watching the short clips im sure there is not story line ugh!!! Also, certain cuss word should be censored, even the western make sure of it. crap!!!

  6. oh plz ppl wat is your problem get over yourselves no one cares wat u ppl think i think the movie looks great and obviously there is an age limit to it if you dont want to watch the bleeding film then just dnt buy it wat is your problem gosh get a life they movie wasnt made especially for u it was made for anyone who would like to watch it get past the sex the only person that would have a problem with that is virgings gosh use the film to improve your sex life (unless your but ugly)

  7. this seems to be more of a porn movie i'm sorry to say but ghanoans have to much sex scenes this is not so great this movie has no storyline and i am noticing that they only do sex scenes just to spice up the movie i am very displeased

  8. i like this movie 4play im an american and its different from our movies so i will have my husband send me a copy or i will get one when i come there

  9. Ghana 4 life,,,thou i'm a typical ghanian girl but i stil fnk nollywood az got hot girls who can play ds role beta.Lyks of mercy johnson,rita dominic,ini edo,ruki sanda & so so many but trust me gally wood is getting dere.

  10. This is total rubbish,wat is d gay scene all about,this things dnt speak well of our country,we shldnt be copyin d europians,let us do things our own away,if we are to learn 4rm dem,it shldnt be this kinda wacky thing,we've d action part there wich we can learn.No wonder nollywood is far ahead of us.f**k.

  11. I am proud of African actresses and actors. They are coming of age really. Agreed the GAY part isn't African AT ALL. But wait, they put up a terrific display.

    They cast was just great. I like the movie and I will like to see the young gay guy more in other movies.


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