Get To Know Goldie [Video Profile]


Check out this video profile of Kennis’ Music recording artist, Goldie. Pretty interesting video, and gives us a lil bit of an insight on her background and how she came up in the industry.

The profile also hints at a video dropping soon.

[youtube width=”480″ height=”390″][/youtube]


  1. i remember wen she came into the industry with her first video spin me( i fink well im not sure()she had the swag and she was referred to as the DUCHESS then later she did two videos .. i cant remember the names tho .. but she did well and everyone was always looking out for her …. recently she has been doing great and i commend her efforts .. so far in her video , her costumes are always on point , make up #gbam , lyrics and swag too r on pint .. she is doing well n im happy for her .. her former producer was OJB then later she was signed into Kennis music …

    she has been consistent though n her videos speak alot about her too…


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