Genevieve Nnaji On CNN Connect The World… Behind The Scenes Pics & Video



Am I the only that is thinking that Nigerians have been getting some major international exposure this year. I like it. 31 year old Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji dubbed “the Julia Roberts of Africa” by Oprah was featured on today’s CNN connect the world blog.

Genevieve intends on extending her acting roles into the western world, and there’s no doubt she’ll be able to deliver. She is a fantastic and classy actress. Probably one of the finest we have in africa.

For more info on the post on Genevieve, check out CNN Connect The World. We definitely looking forward to the special on air.

Here are some behind the scenes photos of her visit to CNN London center


Check out the behind the scenes video afterwards:


  1. I'm so happy for Gene. She's come a long way. Goes to show hard work, humility, and talent will take you places. Looking forward to the special.

  2. Nigerians have been making strides in 2010! SN: does Genevieve look pregnant or something? Is it just me or does her nose look like it has spread some and her face appear a little bloated? Not trying to start any rumors o! Just making observations… I do notice her stomach is flat, so that is the only thing keeping it unconfirmed.

    • Let us just say that make up does a great job on these so-called "screen divas". You may not recodnise them without it.

      Anyway kudos for Genny,she is making things happen for herself.


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