Five Things We Learned From Tiwa Savage’s African Waist Video


Tiwa Savage made a big comeback a few weeks ago when absolutely no one expected it. Dropping an album, RED (for free), after just having a baby earlier in the year, but we’ll take the return, and we’re glad she’s back. The lead single from the album was released just a few days ago titled, African Waist. It features Don Jazzy, and already has a video with it. Efficiency to the core.

We’re here talking about 5 things from the video that is worth talking about.

Tiwa Savage Is Back… Almost


Watching the video you can’t help but think to yourself that even though Tiwa Savage is back, she’s not ALL the way back. She was not as energetic as we’ve gotten used to seeing her  in her videos (think Eminado video) or on stage but we understand. It’s only been a few months since the baby boy arrived so the energy from her in the video is a bit toned down. However, Tiwa Savage is back.


Don Jazzy The Uncle Perv LOL



Between Don Jazzy’s older more mature look, and his pot belly, his scene with the yoga peeps on the mountain, dude reminded me of that perverted uncle that stays ogling young girls coming home from secondary school. But thank goodness we know that Don Jazzy is none of that. But he plays the part all too well.


Yoga On A Mountain Looks Awesome


Speaking of mountains, and yoga, am I the only one who saw that scene and thought, gosh it’l be great to do yoga on that mountain top. It totally looks like it’ll be the most awesome way to start your morning.


Don Baba Rapper


Is Don Jazzy really rapping? Yea we think he almost kinda did. What do you call what he was spitting, like 4 bars? Plus when you’re putting her hands in the rapper pose, what else can we assume yea? We think Jazzy should try and do a full 16 one of these days.


Bright Colors Are Always Dope


The one thing you leave the video liking (not the MTN insert) is the way the bright colors made the video pop. The carnival back theme was a way to introduce a lot of brightness and color into the video, and for the most part it worked well. Tiwa Savage’s outfit was super dope too. Visual stimulation 🙂


Watch the video and Download single


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