Cossy Orjiakor Movie Scene with A Dog


Ok. This might not be a real scene, but it’s sure pretty close. Just watch. Those are that familiar with the whole gist are aware that, Cossy Orjiakor has been in the center of allegations surrounding having a certain scene with a dog to insinuate what Naija prostitutes do in Italy. The actress is also known to not be ashamed of showing her breasts on screen, and as a matter of fact does show some top half showing action in this clip. This is a pretty racy scene, even though there might not have been actual action… at least I hope not…lol.

The movie is named Itohan, and here is a clip of the movie. Skip to 6:23 to get to the juicy stuff. What are your thoughts? Part of acting?… A tad bit too far? Completely unacceptable? Yarn make we hear biko.


  1. lwkmd.. did you see how he said $50,000 meanwhile the bundle was packed with $1 notes. That scene was fake but she shouldn't have done it its very demeaning.

  2. 1) That was graphic! The dog scene was so minimal! I am not quite sure why african movies are getting so racy and raw! 2) I was slightly impressed with the "no condom, no sex," comment. But she could have at least insisted a couple more minutes. 3) Why was the stack of money just $1 bills. Can someone tell the director to at least cover the stack with a $100 bill, or was that a pun to show that the girl has been cheapened?

    On a related note, I saw the Ghana productions, "Heart of men" and that was soft core porn. Granted the scenes were artfully executed, one has to wonder why the sex scenes were so developed and the rest of the general plot underdeveloped. It seems that african directors are willing to push the envelope.

    Although I am not sure that this is the best way to go in a continent that doesn't necessarily have access to safe condoms, lubricants, abortion clinics and STD treatment for the common folk because young viewers may be adversely impacted. However, if we agree that we are ready for African Porn on the big scene, then I would suggest that directors diversify the sex roles. Rather than cheapening the women and engaging in only male dominated positions, lets also have some male sluts, and female dominatrix and of course the forbidden art of cunnilingus.

    Oh yeah and by gosh, lets get a make up and hair consultant to fix those weaves!!

  3. E fi omo lomo sile o!

    There was nothing in that clip u guys should spare her, I saw it and that sure has no ounce of reality in it!

    Please be objective in criticisms, she ain't that low down

  4. she went too far! Just because of the cultural background she came from, we know it's all acting and i am sure of that

  5. if the girl wan sleep with gorilla, na she sabi. afterall na she get her own no dey sweet her again na im she sai make she try dog own. i hear sai immedieately after she do the dog, na im she jump on top monkey own.

  6. In fact i no no wetin i go talk.anyway sha wetin hide for man's eye,na God see am for clear.If in case she do am may God help

  7. I think we have gone past the age when we should look at make believe movies as real. Haba. she was only acting and doing her job just like every other nigerian actress. EVERY BODY WHO WATCHED THIS CLIP KNOWS THAT THE SCENE IS AS FAKE AS HER BREAST. THIS IS THE TWENTY SOMETHING CENTURY FOR GODS SAKE. NAIJA DON PASS THIS LEVEL OF REASONING.

  8. people should talk like they are intelligent, cos it's obviously acting and that is why she was paid. gosh! humans could be very devilish for trying to destroy her name. am not her fans, but thumps up!

  9. God hates dis kind of shittt…wat about the white. She is being treated the way she is. Anybdy in supprt of dos clip is of evil…damn!

  10. God hates dis kind of shittt…wat about the white. She is being treated the way she is. Anybdy in supprt of dos clip is of evil…damn!

  11. i think it is somthing ridiculous she should change her way now in order not to destroy her name and put shame on her fans.

  12. I dnt realy fink dis is real,bt if it is,then d world has bin taken over fully,by satan,4crying out loud,cossy?cossy?she gone if dis film is real,She is lost,all in d name of money,wat abt if she dies and leave d money,where wud she go,hell or heaven,no difference btween sleepin wit dog 4money and doing human sacrifice f0oney..thank u

  13. maybe she doesn"nt thnk about her future

    she"s useless well na she get her body

    and she can do anything with it

    but for me i pray my future is good


  15. Even though i know that it is make believe and she was only doing her job it is still very disgusting. No decent actress will be called on to play a role as dirty as this, this is against everything we stand for as Africans,and all those saying "welldone" if she was ur sister would you still say same?

    • Forget it.she's doing her make-believe job."against everything we stand for?".i disagree with you.whats against all we stand for is our leaders' inability to make the country a better place which has resulted in majority of Nigerians going through untold hardship.somebody has got to send the message of what our girls are doing over there.I support Cossy 100%.We are about producing Nigerian first unsimulated hardcore pornography,made in Nigeria and by Nigerians and by then,you guys will really have something to talk about.Thank you.(N.B.Moon is an alias.Any resemblance to any person in the movie industry is purely coincidental.}

  16. Cossy orjiakor is not only a prostitute but a dog herself. How on earth would a human being sleep with a dog? God forbid bad thing. Haba! I just pray she die soon so that she will not come and affect us here with that disease. Animal

  17. cossy orjiakor is a very pretty actress & i like her.She’s got it all so she do whateva she pleases.I luv her

  18. why cant you call a humanbeing to give the fuck of your life insted of dog we humans who extra ordinary in bed you can even contact me am a good fucker

  19. dat aint real,it’s all bout actin…most of ya’ll are just hypocrites,u do worst in secret…..NIGERIA…..GOOD PEOPLE,GREAT NATION

  20. leave dis lady alone o.wetin. You pple discriminating her should know is acting.afteral una don do sometin wey worse pas dat he who witout sin should first cast a stone.

  21. U guys should leave Cossy the hell alone.She's only acting out a script,trying to send a message.I don't see nothing wrong with what she did.Nobody has the right to judge her

  22. U guys should leave Cossy the hell alone.She's only acting out a script,trying to send a message.I don't see nothing wrong with what she did.Nobody has the right to judge her

  23. Yes,u guys celebrating bullshit one day God go slap enna face,continue 2 celebrate stupidity,and i challenge anybody 2 tell me how she is encourage d youth most especially girls dat look at her as a role model with a stupid scene she is creating.cossy go sleep with king kong we go give award 4 d best idiotic personality nigeria have ever created!u SUCK!

  24. this is d sign of end time. satan has captured the world that people no longer see wrong thing in immoralities. I wonder hw year 2030 would be if d world is.still existing.

  25. Guys pls dont call cossy a role model or a celeb,bcos role models are people that show good example,cossy if na your breast dey make your head shake “ji gi ji gi”remeber one day your breast go disfigure and that ass of yours go be like sahara desert wey anybody wan enter, miss idotic celeb of year.

  26. I can't just imagine it that you are sleeping with a dog all because of money is just rubbish. Well everything is choice i think that is your choice. I also think you are talented in the act you can continue some people are feeling you. You can also do it a horse i think that is your talent so YOU ARE FREE TO USE YOUR BODY ANYHOW YOU WANT IT.

  27. Cossy u said u couldn’t have used drug for breasts enlargment when the have become a burden, cossy pls live dis atituad of your and live a new life ,just becouse i love u but not ur atituads so pls and pls try to live d shit u do

  28. What sort of insanity is that? Sleeping with dog because of money,you are a disgrace to the entire member of your family , of this nationhood and human world.No wonder you can even sleep with elephant.

  29. woooow…. i no no say person like this still dey Nigeria, i for do carry my do come from Belgium, Oh my God, Nigeria don corrupt ooo…. cos people like this way dey spoil Nigeria still dey…Cossy come my house i may i carry you go Belgium, i get a big Dog way go fuck you adder. OK?.

  30. dear, cossy

    plaese accept my application 4 a position of a fcuker in your pussy.

    My name is Osahu Bookos, i am unknow central local governments area in Benin, i"m english by trible.

    Plaese Cossy if you do this 4 me i ever foriget you.

    Thanks and God bless you,
    yours faithfully
    Osahu bookos

  31. Either a screen play or real, i believe descent girl can not be submissive to do such act. For the fact that she laid the impression just as she displayed in the movies, definitely she did slept with dog for real.

  32. The whole world lies in darkness.only Jesus can satisfy ur soul,nt money,not fame,not vain beauty.a good name is better than all d wealth u cld gather

  33. Rather unproffessional…Nigerian commentators, that is. Are we all still rather thick that we are ready to not see cheap acting and then willfully assume that the person involved does the said act in private? Well, I guess that makes Woody Harrelson a Natural Born Killer then. Someone call the police….

  34. d scene lasted 4 only 10 secs theres nottin really bad in it u guys are over doing as if its a big deal, it was not good yes but it was not very bad at all. when i was told about the scene i thought it would be a really bad scene it is just normal. Go nd watch monster ball then u will see a real sex scene.

  35. we all can deduce from the clip dat is not a real sex. i mean no penetration. but wat difference between doing it and acting it? is it not all bcos of money? for her to act such a thing 4 money, she can also do it real if given much money.

  36. I am amazed at how backward some of these comments are. Can’t people tell the difference between real life and acting? She’s an actress and a good one, in mu view she played that part well and as part of the act made it seem realistic. Jesus people get grip. When you watch say Star Trek do you believe in the ‘space time continum’. Its no wonder Nigeria’s leaders can get away with their bad behaviour. She is just an actress give her a break. By the way she has great nipples! Nigerians and their herd mentality.

  37. Oh u critics of cossy,can u slip wit a dog in front of a camera for a million dollar?d ansa to dat question will tell u weda she did it or for itohan,i ve seen d movie and its all make up.

  38. I dnt understand why pepl are suprised at dis,Cossy has neva even been ‘a role model! Any1 has the right to do whatsoeva wit his or her body bt d fact dat certain pepl are called upon to take up certain roles jst means dey potray demselves as such acts. I mean u wldnt catch Omotola or Genevieve or Stella Damasus in such roles! So If Cossy decided to do dat,well…….u no d rest!

  39. this is not real, but she has not being projecting anything since her introduction into the Nig movie industry.


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