Did Clarence Peters Borrow An Idea Or Two For Tiwa Savage’s Eminado Video From This Video?



First things first, we know that there’s no idea new under the sun, and especially in entertainment, almost everything is a newer variation of another but this one is a very close call.

Clarence Peters has received a lot of aclaim for his vision and ideas in Nigerian videos, and really he stands out in his category, however one of his latest discoveries has come under some heat for what some are calling outright biting.

No judgement passed here since we don’t know if there were legal agreements but we’ll let you watch and decide for yourself. The original video is from a South African group Tumi and the Volume for their single Asinamali.

Here is their video.


… and here is the one for Eminado by Tiwa Savage


  1. It’s OK to know dt serious minded teams like Jaguda are critically watching and ds should remind our creative industry players to thread carefully around intellectual property. That said, the two videos have no semblance at all, just a similar location flash (common in pop videos).

    You guys only successfully lured me into watching the Eminado video. I’m sure many other business class no nonsense guys like me would b lured to watch the videos too, but really good job Tiwa, Don Jazzy and Clarence P. Proud of you guys!!


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