5 Things We Love About Simi’s Open and Close Video


Simi dropped this new single, and video, Open and Close about a week ago, and to say that it has been on massive replay is an understatement. I’ve pretty much played this joint, and watched the video so many times that the song might vex for me soon.

 Now we know the song is highly infectious and on point, but what we’ll talk about here is the video, and the 5 things we completely loved about it.

1The Song Itself

  You can’t talk about loving the video until you love the audio. The audio pretty much enabled the video to be really good, and the comic aspects of the song just make it all the way more enjoyable. You can dance, and laugh at the same time… now who does’t like doing those 2 things… At the same time kwa. Please this is heaven in my ears.

2The Concept

  It’s one thing to have a great song, and another to have a great video to go along with it. The concept of the video pretty much goes in line with the idea of the song, but it was done perfectly. The way Simi and her “ghetto” gang walked in to that party with so much confidence. At that moment you knew it going to be a great 4 mins of your life. 

3Customes and Colors

  Part of having an eye popping video is the customes and colors. The 3 outfits Simi rocked were A+. The “ghetto” blue hair outfit, the crop top ankara, and the overalls. All were on point. Plus the colors in the video were all very appropriate for the scenes.

4The Open and Close Dance

  Ok look, the song is called Open and Close, so you know the dance must feature. LOL. Simi is about revive a dance boys haven’t done since Shina Peters. There’s more though. The choreography was solid, and so were the other inserts of dances; flex, butterfly and co.

The choreography piece at the end and with the guy were great also. 

5When Simi Bold Stole That Guy

  You can lump this into the attitude of the whole video really. The way Simi in her ghetto confident self walked up and stole that guy from his “Ikoyi” babe was just a magic moment. You don’t need to be island babe to have confidence of the gods yo. This really just fell inline with everything else about the video. Funny, confidence bordering on cockiness, and entertaining. 

Ok that’s all of my random list. But really though, watch the video below, and revive you open and close dancing skills. I might need to go ask momsy to remind me.

Peace out and watch the video here:




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