5 Things We Learned From Davido’s Fans Mi Video With Meek Mill

davido fans mi video

You knew we were gonna do it. The talk of the of the past 24 hours has been Davido’s brand new joint and video with Meek Mill. The reviews from fans so far has been great, and the consensus is that the song is fire!

The video is just as hot, but we’ll grab some of the key things we learned from the video about Davido and Meek Mill, and really, life in general.

1. Davido Could Really Be A Drug Dealer


I mean we just don’t know, and if this video is presented in the court of law, it could prove decisive. We’ll assume that Davido, who just got his degree in music, is just a musician and nothing more. But if things change, you never know, he might consider another career path seeing as ….


2. He Has His Crack Cooks Already


If Davido really wanted to get into the dope game, he wont need much of a ramp up time. He’s got the cooks ready to start cooking and mixing that dope. Plus they are sexy cooks too, and wont still his stuff, cos well… they’ll have nowhere to hide it. Or no where sanitary.


3. Female Body Guards Are Better


I mean would you rather have these sexy body guards here protecting you, or such big, musty (yes he has to be musty), muscular dude? We’ll the female bodyguards, thanks. I mean who’d want to attack you when you’re with them.


4. Meek Mill Is Very Faithful To Nicki



There are a lot of beautiful women in this video. Many of them with barely any clothes on, but who does Meek Mill always appear in the with? His goons, by himself or just with Davido. Nicki’s stuff must be good since he doesn’t even want to be near another woman.


5. No Pounded Yam, No Life


DAVIDO_x_MEEK_MILL_FANS_MI_Official_Music_Video (1)

I mean after a hard day’s work as a drug dealer, supervising dope cooking, cutting, weighing, and making sure you body guards are protecting you, there’s no better way to unwind than eating pounded yam and egusi soup. I mean, really, what is life without pounded yam and egusi? Nothing… exactly.


The video once again:


  1. I am not sure everyone loves the video, cos for one thing, the song is supposed to be a shout-out to his fans, but instead it shows him being involved in a drug deal.

    And it seems you guys didn’t even get the gist of the video. He wasn’t just eating pounded yam for no reason, the ‘cocaine’ he sold to the man was ‘poundo powder’ and that’s what his skimpily clad girls were cooking, not cocaine, and so at the end they brought it out as pounded yam and soup, that’s where everyone was supposed to say ‘awwwwwh na pounded yam sef’ that’s why they cut to the white guy opening up the package and realising he had been cheated!

  2. I do not agree with what Ebele said on d 1st paragraph of his contribution but with d song..The white guy probably tot Davido had sold him real coc,but it only turned out d@ ha had bought pounded yam powder instead…9ice concept but something better could av bin used as d video concept..@ least something d@ wouldn’t av aroused suspicion in him being a dope dealer & so on & so forth…


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