You No Holy Pass

Pot Calling Kettle Black - Classic
Pot Calling Kettle Black - Classic

My fellow Naija people. Una well done o. Hope all is well… Long time. Have you ever been hanging out with your peoples and having an open discussion about something that is not necessarily righteous but is generally accepted and one overly holy person decides to open their mouth and remind you that  what you’re talking about is morally wrong and you’re going to hell? Or that something can NEVER happen to them? Well it has happened to me quite a bit. Ok… maybe not the going to hell part sha…lol.

Me and my friends (guys and girls) were sitting down having an open discussion about sex one time…The regular yarns – How we like it, what you can do, what you can’t do, what you like, what you don’t like, blah blah blah, and some random babe in the room out of no where just said, “I don’t know why you’re talking about sex, when you clearly know it is a sin. God said you should not have sex or think about it before marriage.” Normally this wouldn’t disturb me, but when I looked at the person telling us this, I was like.. ummm… really? You sef fit open mouth begin yarn holy holy? After doing all the unholy things we know you do, you can’t now come and play Bible Ninja for us.

Truth is, a lot of us (naija people in particular) can be very judgemental for no real reason. “hmmm… look at him…. wearing his trouser like that. No home training” or “did u see the way she was dancing with that guy? no wonder she’s had abortion before.” I mean, who gives someone the right to open their mouth and judge someone else based on what they see on the outside knowing deep in their minds that they do the same thing. We judge before we even know the full story. We all look down on Oyimbo & Akata people for doing all these way-ward things, being loose and having no morals, but in reality nah us do pass. We just like to hide our own things. After you open leg for “uncle” wey get wife, you come and start singing “He has given me victory, I will lift him higher” in church. Then tomorrow you’ll open your mouth and say someone is loose because you saw pics of them on facebook acting crazy.

In recent years, I’ve seen so much dirt within the naija community that I don’t think I can open my mouth and say we have high morals anymore. If you ask me, nah us worse pass sef. So why the judging? Nah you be God? Let me answer that. NO. You are not God so you can’t point fingers at someone else and say that they are this or they are that, when you infact do the same thing and sometimes even worse.

We’re are quick to look down on other people that have babies out of wedlock, but we’ll go and abort the one that we have in our womb. We look down on folks selling drugs to survive, but we’ll hail the 19 boy as a big boy. Pastor will preach about not fornicating, and remaining pure, and accuse this person and that person of doing all the bad things in the world, but he’ll go and nyash Sister Okoro that is married, who by the way looks down on Bola because she heard Bola goes to clubs, and wilds out. So who is worse? Bola that goes to the club to enjoy herself, or Sister Okoro that is married but is nyashing Pastor J on the side. I mean let’s be real with ourselves man. No one is free from sin, so why the fake over-righteousness?

I’m not by any means saying that these things are not bad, or justifying any bad thing that anyone does, but before you open your mouth and play Holy warrior, please organize yourself first before you open your mouth to judge someone else. When you die, God will judge YOU, based on what YOU did with your life, so I think it’s best to focus on being the best person you can be. After all we are all human, and that makes us imperfect.

So for those that like point fingers, calm down, and find a mirror. You No Holy Pass.


  1. Lwkmd…Lol @ Bible ninja!

    Some Nigerian girls are like the dirtiest things in the universe and use religion as a cover up…Me wey no believe in God or Jesus even holy pass them…no lies

  2. I am a single babe and I knack when I fit knack. I get some friends wey go tell me say to knack out of wedlock nah sin, because dem don marry and get husband to knack fo house. I just ask them 1 question… “Where you a virgin when you got married?” Of course the answer is no. Then I proceed to tell them to “GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!!” nonsense!


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