What’s Fake & What’s Real?


I grew up knowing the word “phony” to mean “fake”. People turn their noses up to things that appear to be fake or as we generally refer to them “china made”. But these result from the less than satisfactory-effects of fake things as compared with original

The word “fake” doesn’t only apply to consumer products and electronics. it applies to us- that is, you and I . I’m sure you’re thinking I want to talk about fake hair (indian, brazillian etc), lashes, hair and what have you; guess again; I’m talking about people, you and I. Have you ever taken out time to look at yourself in the mirror and wonder if you’d change a thing if given the chance or opportunity? I don’t mean only physically. If there’s an iota of doubt, somewhere deep down inside, that you love everything about yourself and would never want to change a thing; then believe me when I say “who are you kidding, stop deceiving yourself and face facts!

Look around you- the dark especially the female folk like to lighten their complexion, the light skinned use products to “maintain” their tone (most times not looking up the harmful effects of most of these products), the white , tan their skin to look “just right”. You can’t say you’ve not seen someone bite his/her tongue before inorder to pass a message across to someone – we see people trying really hard to pick up fake (fake here meaning foreign{not indigenous}) accents -tagged as “tush”, “cream” , “swerve” ,”psychedelic”, the list goes on; while those who try to be themselves are seen as “old school” , “razz”, or out of tune.

If the aforementioned describes fake, then what’s real? Being real isn’t about loving everything about yourself and avoiding the use of enhancements,beauty products or picking up new cultures you are not used to.

How then? You wonder? Its pretty simple. A wise man once said “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth, or at least you believe its the truth” Same thing applies to being real. If u adopt a fake lifestyle and believe there’s nothing wrong in being who u’ve made yourself out to be, u can be seen as real – True!

Check out people who “form” for years, overlooking critics, with time, they become so fake that it becomes skin deep and part of them
How? Back then, we were made to believe that a dot represented a perfect circle (360°). Extending said dot from its location to another point forms a straight line (180°), bending the line to make point “A” and point “B” meet forms angles measured in degrees. The varying angles can be likened to varying levels o’ being fake. Eventually u end up at 180°- back where u started from(or something u wont even recognise in the mirror)- nothing more, nothing less-

In the long run, you never get satisfied with what you’ve become; always wanting something more, branding it as “self improvement”
What’s real and what’s fake is really all a function of ur mindset and what u believe in , partially void of what people think or say!
If using products or what-have u, makes u feel more comfortable in ur own skin,then i think ur on track- if u beg to differ, feel free to state ur reasons!

Cee Jay


  1. Let's not forget that there's a thin line between 'being fake' and 'surving the hustle'. The lady who's in her mid-thirties who's trying to look a bit lighter is only trying to get married like the rest of her mates … The guy in a foreign country who had changed his accent to keep his job … Folks who are keeping up with social events and fashion to get those contracts …. These are people just trying to live out their lives … Who are we to judge? …. Let's leave the judging to the haters, who wish they could do any better … Let's learn to mind our businesses, unless we want to help


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