Students Scream Outrage as University Bans Kissing & S*x in Public Places on Campus




A Zimbabwean University is receiving backlash for banning its students from kissing and having s*x in public places on campus. Circular from the university authorities said those “caught in an intimate position” on the Harare campus would be disciplined.

According to a pamphlet that was passed around the school, any students “caught in any intimate positions” would face disciplinary action, with clause four specifically forbidding “kissing or having s*x in public places.

” It additionally stated that students living on-site were banned from taking members of the opposite sex to their residences and there was to be no “loitering in dark places outside the sports pavilion or lecture venues”.

 “nonsensical, and in this age to say I’m no longer allowed to kiss or hug someone… is unreasonable,” Tsitsi Mazikana said.

Beer was banned on campus about seven years ago, which proved very unpopular, he says.

The circular was issued at the beginning of the new academic year as part of a list of “misconducts that attract immediate eviction from halls of residence”.


The students have the University have been protesting for a few days with outrage at what they call a limitation on their freedom.

While even private schools in Nigeria such as Covenant University, Redeemers University, Babcock University and more have rules like this already implemented into the campus life, there is usually a more liberal lifestyle for students in public universities.

Since this is not a private university, a lot of people are raising their eyebrow at the newly implemented rules.


Source: BBC News


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