Two Years Later, We can Still Feel the Pain


Like his father said on the 22nd of April I’m not mourning please. I want everybody to know that Dagrin is a national loss. It is Nigeria that is mourning” He was definitely a National loss, and till date we miss his presence. I have wanted to write something about him since his demise, but i couldn’t come up with anything, but i was just bored on a particular day and jumped on his playlist, especially the tribute songs. There are three tracks i listen to, and i will fall down on my knees and cry. Thank God, Olamide’s Tribute song and M.I’s end of time. Those tracks get me every time, sometimes i try to avoid them, but you can never avoid his songs.

Dagrin was the voice of the masses, he was music and remains the best Yoruba rapper that ever lived. I need not to say more, i bet you all know that. Like M.I said “We Might Never Have Another Dagrin” i don’t think we will have someone talented, energetic like him.

Since his demise, we have had different Yoruba rappers, seriki, olamide, reminisce and so many others, but i haven’t seen anyone to flow Like him. I got scared couple of months ago when i got an email with a track, he sounds so much like him, and i was like Ope ooo exclusive joint. it was Dharsaw. He sounds so much like him, but he is not Dagrin. I wont say he brought back the pain, but he put a smile in our faces. Having someone to almost sound like him is the best gift we got two years after.

A lot of People will do anything in this world to have him back if they could. We all can still feel the pain everyday, i don’t think i have cried for someone before until he died. Everyday 75% of his fans will randomly tweet his name. Shows how he is missed everyday.

Sometimes an artiste drops a song, i feel like “If Dagrin was alive, he will murder this track”, only if the dead can rise again and put smile in our faces. Illegal music 2 dropped last week, and i tweeted “Only if dagrin was alive to make this mixtape” Today marks his second year anniversary, and he will definitely trend worldwide again like every other legend that has passed on, he was the 2pac of our time.

His Sudden death shocked the world, only if man had powers to resurrect the dead. We miss him everyday, two years without him has been like 20 years. April 22nd is a day that will never be forgotten in Nigeria, and i believe one day there will be a public holiday for him.

No one does it better like the C.E.O, his flows, his rap, his energy, everything about him was Unique. There are some stories that i have heard that will make me ask myself “Why did he die?” He gave us the best he could, and we are grateful we had someone Like him. Some artistes wished they did a song with him, some were grateful for the opportunity.

He Had one dream, Thank God he fulfilled it but he never lived longer to enjoy the fruit of his labor.

As we celebrate the life of the legend today, even though we can still feel the pain in our hearts. Burn a Candle for the C.E.O, he is forever with us. His Music is played everyday, and if you think it’s a lie just Google his Name. As we await his “Omo Ita” Documentary about the legend, Just Remember there was Once lived a Legend called Dagrin, the Only C.E.O (Chief Executive Omo Ita )that Lived.

Here is one of his tracks, Thank God featuring Omawummi. We thank God we had him, not for long, but he made an impact in our lives.

[audio:|titles=Thank God]



  1. I read this with MI's End of Time tribute song playing in the background

    His memory lives on forever…..and ever…..I love this.


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