Truth Tuesday: Clap For Yourself… You’re Popular For 15 Mins


This is probably one of my more “spur of the moment” posts, but I had to go ahead and go in. On truth tuesday today, we are talking about lame people on twitter and maybe facebook that feel like they have arrived in life because they decided to call a celebrity gay (with intent to insult), a bitch or throw any other insult they can think of.

One of these random days on twitter, someone started feeling like a local champion because they insulted a well-known Nigerian celebrity and finally got a response. All of a sudden this lamo is feeling so cool with himself, and starts retweeting and arguing with people and basically getting off the attention of being important by the few hundred friends that follow them… maybe it’s 90-something sef. Who gives a shit really?

News Flash: Insulting celebrities to get attention is very very very very lame, and it speaks volumes as to how far you would go to get noticed.

These are things I’ve seen so much, and rubbed me the wrong way for so long, and eventually I had to say something.

On one occasion someone went as far as sending Toni Payne a fb message asking for “nodding” and then twitpic-ing the screenshot while raining abuses on her. I mean, how much of a lamo can you be to do that? Thank God some of our parents showed us attention when we were younger so we don’t have to resort to seeking attention by throwing insults at celebrities that are people just like you and I.

A few days ago, a similar incident happened when some random babe decided to call eldee fat and tell him to go to the gym, and when he responded and told her she was ugly and needed to get cosmetic surgery (which was funny by the way) she got all offended and started raining insults and stuff. I mean common, if you can’t receive it, don’t dish it out. But hey, from the little tweets I saw it sounded like she had an orgasmic moment from the fact that eldee actually responded.

I can go on and on about all the incidents I’ve witnessed, from one person insulting MI, and then eventually begging him to be unblocked, to begging a celebrity to follow you back, and when they don’t respond say “well u’re upcoming anyways, I don’t know why you’re acting like you’re the sh*t.” It’s pathetic really.

These losers still exist partly cos the celebrities either respond or retweet, and hurray!!! XYZ finally responded to me when I insulted him/her, and now all my followers will start tweeting at me, and I can get 9 more followers before this becomes old news. I do understand how some insults can cut so deep that it really provokes a response, but at the end of the day it’s best to ignore IMO… Or better yet just block like wizkid does. *evil grin*…#shikenan

Before anyone says anything, this doesn’t apply to folks that are stating their opinion about an outfit, a song, a video, a movie, or some incident. This specifically applies to those who intentionally say malicious things to provoke a response. If you’ve done this to feel cool to your 127 followers then you’re lame and deserved to be flogged with peppered koboko. Yeah I said it. If you don’t like it, sit down inside dustbin and catch cro-cro for nyash.

I’m sure after this some lamo will jump up and say they wrote article about them… Enjoy the publicity if you want to claim. I’m sure I made your day.

Anyways, I’m done with that topic. Catch us next time on truth tuesday… Drop a comment if you feel me, and if you don’t drop one too 🙂



  1. You r sooooo on point…some pple cn b so annoying…Thks d tin is dat dey will neva chng….Alwayz lkin 4wrd to ur article…

  2. (I am feeling the boy yeah!). The sorry thing is d happiness/fulfillment dey get from more followers dat”ll unfollow after 15mins is shortlived.

  3. Umm… But they are celebrities. If they can’t handle it, then they should stay away from the limelight. I see nothing wrong with what that babe said to eldee.

  4. I think this post is very apt!
    I actually find some of those things painful especially as its totally uncalled for.
    One celeb I truly admire in this regard is Tiwa Savage, I'm yet to see her reply rudely to any of the silly comments she receives! Its a shame people feel the need to resort to such measures, like you said, it says a lot about your character.


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