Truth Tuesday: Beht Why Art Thou So Mean?


If you’ve been observing the Twitter scene, you will notice that lately people have taken to repping all kinds of teams… #Teamnatural, #Teamlonghairdontcare, #Teambreezy, #TeamIblowgarri, #TeamIdeychopfiletmignon, #Teamthis and #Teamthat.  As for me, I stay representing for #Teamsiddondeylook and as a member of this team, I pretty much like to sit and observe the going-ons on Twirra.  I do not necessarily comment on everything that I see, but like someone tweeted the other day, and I paraphrase…“I am sipping wine, reading your tweets and judging all of you”. Hahaha.

As I’ve been sipping my imaginary wine and observing the tweet scene, I’ve observed a lot of random types of e-personalities/tweets.  The ones that I will address today, are the so called internet meanies and e-bullies.  As in, I don’t know when it suddenly became cool to be an internet gangsta or meanie but it seems like that is what is popping these days.  Some of these mean people are just flat out mean, while others try to mask their own under the guise of humor…at someone else’s expense.  And of course, if you’re a so called ‘popular jingo’ on Twitter, everyone just RTs your meanness with a bunch of ‘LOLs’, LWKMDs’ and what have you as opposed to calling it out for what it really is.  Of course, I’m sure that the individuals who have earned their reputations as the mean girls and boys on Twitter probably claim to ‘keep it real’, claim that ‘it’s just for fun’ or might even say things like “It’s just the internet, and I am not my tweets” but c’mon…really though?

[commercial break]Can I just take a quick minute to address  that phrase… “I am not my tweets”…umm, then what are you? I guess some people log onto Twitter and assume a whole new personality on some I am not my tweets. Abegi, if you’re going to be a bitch/irritant/meanie/sexpot/spiro and all the random personas that I see on Twitter, then please own it because you are your tweets (and you ain’t fooling anybody either) [/end commercial break].

Back to regularly scheduled programming, there is a thin line between keeping it real and flat out being mean, rude and just generally extra.  As in, must you always comment on everything that you see? Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to just close your eyes, shut your mouth abi hold your fingers and keep it moving.  And sometimes, we as individuals generally need to take a step back and think about how your words might have an effect on someone else. You might think “Oh, I’m tweeting from my little corner in Alaska and the recipient of this tweet is all the way in Nigeria…he/she doesn’t know me and vice versa” but still…are your words necessary? Do they affect the price of crayfish in the market? As you type those mean things, does it make you feel better about yourself? Why art thou so mean?

And while I’m talking about individual meanness, let me quickly address concept this concept of e-bullying (aka collective meanness) where a group of folks gang up on some random hapless person.  Like ahn ahn! When we read stories of bullying in high schools, we feel outraged, but believe me folks…the ish happens on Twitter and from my siddondeylook angle, it is just not cool.  I guess its all fun and games for all, until you’re the one on the receiving end and then you can see how it feels to be the target of such insensitive attacks.

So, in summary…wetin I dey yarn? You can keep it 100% without resorting to some mean girl/mean boy tactics. You can speak your mind without being a total bitch about it. And, just because everyone is going in on someone and making them the butt of jokes, doesn’t mean that you have to join in the fun. Ultimately, if it doesn’t need to be said, then you don’t have to say it.  Sure, it might provide entertainment and laughs for some, but in the end what goal have you achieved? I personally look at such people and think ‘eeek!’ …but that’s just me in my little corner.  Now I’m not claiming to be Miss perfect, but hey…at least I try to respect myself and respect other people. It really doesn’t take much…

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  1. nice article…….i totally agree with you….sometimes i wonder what the idea behind twitter is these days cos i think its now an arena of words ……these mean buddies seem to forget that the artistes they blast on twitter are human and arent immune to emotions. when u find some people interesting and decide to follow them on twitter,they suddenly start acting like exteremely arrogant pop stars…swallow some humility pills please … put the fun back on twitter.

  2. This is spot on. I swear sometimes on twitter I feel like some people don't have work and wake up everyday looking for who to bully or laugh at. One babe in particular is very notorious for it. Let me just shut up sha.

    Great piece

  3. right on point……if possible sef twitter should make it mandatory for your full identity and pics to be on twitter….what i mean is,u must sign in with your English name,native name and your fadas name…ur fone number and address must be dere too o..make we see if una mouth go still sharp.aftr yabbing some artists in public,some people will go and beg dem on code to listen to their songs ……..LMAO

  4. You definitely made a lot of sense. Some people also conferred on themselves twitter prefects. Everything bothers them yet it is the same thing they are guilty of. KMT!

  5. Nice post oo….bt u tk ur online life way too seriously….of course theres bullies n ish bt anyone who comes to a social network carryin is or her heart on his/her keyboard or keypad is jst askin for trouble…#GBAM

  6. Oh man. I swear I just thought of some fugly looking thing that always feels the need to laugh at people on twitter and celebrities… Meanwhile she looks like someone slapped her with frying pan when she was born.

    Wait, am I being a bully now? Lol

    Anyways, great post Mgbeks. I support #teamsitdondeylook

  7. My crime is to laugh and RT before thinking about what I'm actually doing. After one incident I had to check myself. We don't have to be Twitter prefects but there has to thought behind the words you fling out to each other.

  8. Mgbeks you hit it right here. Some people really do get orgasms off being bullies on the internet. Nice once 🙂

  9. I no dey twitter and my life sweet e no bitter…..
    I can relate though…..
    After work i dont wanna do anything that is related to technology……
    I just refuse……
    Rather read a book, wtch tv, cook or workout…. na d way….
    Cheers guys….

  10. Internet thuggin' is a serious something. I've even heard about people that have caught beatdowns off it. It shouldn't be that serious. I sha feel like Twitter in particular compels people to just talk. That's where the wahala starts.

  11. Great article! I guess my fav part was that 'I am not my tweets' nonsense!
    Your tweets are mainly what ur thinking so how can u not be your tweets! Abeg!
    Think before you tweet, simple!


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