Top 5 Slang Words/Phrases of 2010


Where will Naija people… I’m sorry, Nigerian people be without our slangs and catch phrases? Seems like since 1914 when nigeria was concieved, we’ve had a knack for creating slang words, and phrases to support our already incredible pidgin vocabulary. Heck, kobo started off as a local pronounciation for copper, and then it became an official word for our currency. U never know… all these things we’re saying might just become official vocab soon. Imagine, Goodluck Jonathan saying, Nigeria is 10/10 :). Anyways, without too much gist let’s get right into it.

5. Kolombi

When 2face first said, “As I Kolombi your sister” it didn’t quite seem like everyone will be jumping up and down about the word kolombi, but before you know what’s happening everyone is “kolombi-ing” the next person’s sister or brother. What the heck does kolombi even mean sef? please help me, cos I definitely use this word every so often but I’m not even sure what it means… I have an idea, but ummmm… yeah. What’s funny is, no one ever says “As I kolombi you”… it’s always “As I kolombi your sister (or brother).” What’s so special about the sister? Me I don’t know… but hey, I go just continue to dey use am like that, so please make I kolombi your sister so she can follow me on twitter. LOL.

4. Free Me Now

This really isn’t new in 2010, but it was still used like it just started yesterday. Blame Terry G, even tho I’m not sure he started. He sha made so acceptable to say. Everyone and their momsy has started using “free me” as if it’s english… well technically it is sha. Someone asking you questions you don’t want to hear, just reply “Free me now”… You popsy stressing you about something wey u no wan hear, “Free me jare”… Your bf/gf constantly bugging about rubbish, tell that maga to free you jare. hiss. For the ajeburras and those living under zuma rock, “free me” simply means leave me alone. Anyways… let’s free this one, #ontothenext

3. Yes Boss

I remember last year I was in jos, and my family friend would always say “Yes Boss.” Call his name nah “yes boss”… give am instruction o nah “yes boss”. Bros abeg come pick me up; “Yes Boss.” Omo that your shirt is tapping o; “Yes Boss.” As in, yes boss, yes boss, I tire. B4 you knew me too I was yes Boss-ing into 2010, and so was everyone. Some people just say YB, some Yexx Boxx, and all other kinds of funny variations of those 2 simple words Yes & Boss. First time I heard it was from Naeto C in 2008 I think, and somehow the slang has been getting more and more popular. I wonder if anyone ever said, “No Boss”… Like bros abeg help me pick recharge card on your way back; “No Boss.” Maybe I should start saying that.

2. Boyz/Babes Are Not Smiling

In 2010, nobody was smiling o. All smiley faces were turned upside down.  Boys are not smiling… Babes are not smiling… Momsies  are not smiling… Papa no dey smile too. Terry Tha Rapman coined one of the hottest catch phrases we’ve heard in a while. It’s so catchy that it propelled the anticipation of his album, and launched a line of BANS tee-shirts. Everywhere you go now, someone is saying something about Boyz Are Not Smiling or Babes Are Not Smiling. What’s funny is the other day I saw a tweet from Terry saying someone was arguing with him that he didn’t start the slogan. LOL. I guess that’s a compliment when your stuff reaches that level. For the rest of the year, me I’m not smiling at all. Rapman I’m still wiating for my tee-shirt abeg. BANS.

1. Toh Bad

Orobo Toh Bad went to Lepa Toh Bad, then Endowed Toh Bad, then everything is now toh bad. Fine girl toh bad, fine boy toh bad, fine slippers toh bad, bad guys toh bad…. is correct website toh bad. It’s like “toh bad” has become some sort of “full stop” or exclamation point to emphasize how much you actually mean what you just said. Anything nice you want to say to someone just add toh bad, and it takes it up a notch. The mo-hitts peeps really started something on that one. So there you have it, Toh bad is my personal catchiest slang phrase for 2010.

ok… drop a comment of 3 🙂


  1. Am sorry but I have to ask you where u have been. I left 9ja 04 n we where using these slang words back then. Example: we will say guys ada achi or adim achi. Its the same thing as guys r not smiling. Even a better example, we were sayn toh bad as far back as I could remember. I grew up sayn toh bad this toh bad that.

  2. bottom line be say most of these slangs have always been there…..

    every generation just seems to reinvent dem somehow…..

    Make una carry go…. hehehehe

  3. In top 10, add swagga, dulling, kele/mele, fall my hand. Love the write up but wld have put any of these on this list before boys r nt smiling. Of course I just got back in the country but haven't really heard that one that much except from Terry. Great compilation tho!

  4. Nice write up toh badt! Buh i m0st def aint smilin cos sum dude jhuz kolombied ma aunty! And za idiot wantz me to free him! Him swagger n0 reach! Yes b0ss #thumbzup

  5. No hating intended, but 4 d phrase 'boyz are not smiling', I have been using dat phrase since 2004, along with other phrases like 'boyz need 2 chew (eat)', 'boyz are tired', 'boyz need read page make we take pass', nd odas

    Even Terry has been using the same phrase since his single 'na beans'


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