Top 20 Wow! Moments In Naija Culture 2010 [5-1]


We’ve finally reached the top 5 wow moments in Naija culture this year, and me sef I don begin tire for all the things. Remembering it has sparked all kinds of emotions, from laughter, to disbelief, to anger, and in some cases all I can do is just shake my head. Anyways let’s jump in… Like always, you have the right to disagree with me *smiles*, but b4 you do that, catch up with us

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5. Wande Coal Nude Picture On Twitter

What’s the fastest way to trend on twitter in a matter of hours? Find a way to get an alleged nude picture of yourself on twitter. This picture whether it was wande or not, definitely ended up being huge publicity for him. It’s not easy to trend globally on twitter o, and wande did it in a few hours. Itunes used the opportunity to actually advertize his music for sale on itunes. Hmmm… Should dbanj release his own too… Just saying. Now we’ve all seen the pictures and so I’m not going to go into major detail about that, and if you haven’t then google it. However, I’m sure that incident alone made all our naija artisit more aware of where they lay their heads at night, and who they do their nightly business with. People were condeming and denying and all kinds of stuff. Anways… this was a big “na wa” moment… for various reasons that i’m sure the girls can explain to you.


4. Da Grin’s Death

This is probably the most shocking moment for the Naija entertainment industry this year. Da Grin was in my opinion the most promising act to look forward to in 2010, and with hits like Pon Pon Pon, Kondo, and Thank God, he was definitely ready to capture a lot of hearts in 2010, and in many ways he did, but not in the way we would;ve wished. Da Grin was involved in a ghastly motor accident on April 15th, 2010, and after a week of battling for his life which was also surrounded by numerous rumors, he finally passed on April 22nd 2010. I personally was deeply saddened cos I was just getting to love his music. It was definitely a sad day for the entertainment industry in Nigeria, and on the day he died he did trend on twitter in the UK. RIP Da Grin… Your music lives on.


3. Yar’Adua dying / Kabal fiasco/180 days with no president

Imagine a country of 150+ million citizens with no leader. That’s what we Nigerians had to deal with for 180 days. Yep approximately 6 months with no president. The president at the time, Yar’Adua fell ill and was flown Saudi arabia and never returned standing. That in fact was not the issue, but the fact that there were so many lies, rumors and shady things going on. Some people said he was brain dead, some politicians said he was so healthy he was exercising, some said he was just resting, some said he had an interview with BBC claiming he was alive and well, but one thing was a fact. None of us saw him with our 2 eyes… no pictires, or TV appearances. The country was in such disarray that there were rumors of a possible break up of the country and some Nigerians didn’t mind. I can go on and on about this issue but i’m sure most of us dont have that short of a memory. We all know how it all went down. Thank Goodness the right thing was done eventually and Goodluck Jonathan, the vice president at the time was sworn in as president. At least we got that right eventually. After a whole 180 days.


2. Jos Crisis (Massacre of Children)

I grew up in Jos, and this touches my heart deeply. We were getting so used to the religious fightings in Jos that it almost became normal to see X people killed in Jos, Y people killed near jos. The news had been pretty constant for almost a year since the november crisis in 2008. But what happened in the early hours of March 7th 2010 is something that will not be erased from my memory till I die..and I mean that. Children and women literraly massacred while they were still asleep. The first pictures I saw from that massacre almost made me collapse. I was literally shaking at the sight of pictures of children slaughtered. Some hacked, some burned alive. Writing this alone makes me want to shed a tear. This has to be one of our darkest moment in the past decade. Please dont forget this event ever in your life. Those that dont learn from history are bound to make the same mistakes over. Nothing, and I mean nothing should make anyone fill like they can massacre helpless children. They have a special place in hell for the murderers.


1. Mutallab

Do I even need to explain why this is my most shocking moment of 2010? Even tho it’s not really a 2010 moment, but it was late enough in 2009 to have lingering effects well into 2010.
Christmas day you’re in your house and on CNN it reads “Nigerian terrorist attempts to blow up airplane.” First came denial, “he’s not really nigerian”, “maybe he’s from Niger or Chad and has nigerian passport”, then came the shock. “He is actually Nigerian”.. like father and mother. Talk about major ripple effects all over the world for nigerians. Mutallab, although not convicted yet has single handedly changed the way all Nigerians will be looked at in any airport. We are now “terrorists.”
Not as shocking was the numerous amount profiling that followed, the multiple “Nigerians are not terrorists” groups that sprung on facebook, and some people even went as far as hiding their green passports, and denying nigeria entirely. I mean, if that didn’t just change everything for us in 2010 I don’t know what else did.

So I hope you enjoyed my top 20 wow moments of 2010. Both the good, the bad, and the downright hilarious stuff. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks nothing crazy happens to make us rearrange this list. If it does we’ll just post it to 2011. i’m sure there’ll be space in that list. LOL. Take care and enjoy the rest of 2010, and hope for great things in 2011. God Bless.



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