Top 20 Wow! Moments In Naija Culture 2010 [15-11]


Ehen… Welcome once again to the ochidama’s palace, and we have a great show 2nite…lol. (guess where I got that from?). Anyways, we’re here at #15 – #11 of the top 20 wow moments in naija culture for the year 2010. If you’re just joining us, the check out 20-16 and catch up. Here goes:

15. Welcome To Nigeria trends Globally on twitter

Twitter has 190 million users from all over the world. By my guess it’ll take at least 10-15% of those users to be tweeting about the same topic for that topic to trend globally. That is at least 19 million users. What started as just something to tweet about Nigeria, the #welcometonigeria TT slowly blew up to even where non-nigerians were tweeting what they knew about Nigeria. Now granted it wasn’t all good stuff, but the fact that it did trend globally showed all us the power Nigerians have in social networking sites, esp twitter. Pretty impressive if you ask me. I don’t think we’ve trended globally since then. oh wait… yes we did 🙂


14. LightUpNigeria On CNN

Staying on twitter trends, the Light Up Nigeria movement didn’t end up on the top trends for the day on twitter but it landed on the radar of an even bigger platform; CNN. I personally was in awe as I watched as the correspondent on CNN went into details about the lightupnigeria movement and the massive support it had gotten on twitter and facebook. It was a moment of pride for most young Nigerians like myself who sometimes feel helpless in resovling the anemic power situation in Nigeria. If not for anything, that day we let our voice be heard on the world biggest news platform.


13. Fela On Broadway Gets 11 Nods from Tony Awards

The hit music fela on broadway has been a huge success over the past year. As a Nigerian, chances are you really wanted to go see it, and you were happy that Fela, one of Nigeria’s greatest musical and political icons ended up on Broadway in New York, thousands of miles away from Kalakuta Republic. More surprising however was when news broke out that Fela on Broadway had gotten nominated for 11 Tony Awards. I, being a die hard Fela fan, was just too excited. More like elated. You mean this Fela that used to wear pant on stage in the shrine in yaba is now being acknowledged at the Tony awards? Heavy heavy sonting. *fists in the air*… The Legacy is too strong.


12. Kidnapping Of 15 children in Aba

Kidnapping is nothing new to most of us Nigerians. It’s almost daily news, and if you’re from the east or lived in the east, you definitely know of 1 or 3 people that have been kidnapped. However a few days before the Naija @ 50 celebrations, news broke out that 15 children, ages 5-13 had been kidnapped on the way to school in Aba, and the whole country was straight up stunned. How bad can it be where you have to kidnap little kids. Like are we really being serious here. Talk about a serious black eye for Nigeria at the dawn of Independence day celebration. As for me, I was pissed, shocked, confused and almost depressed that the kidnapping situation had gotten that bad. On a slightly positive note, at least they were recovered safely the day before independence day, but that’s not saying too much really.


11. Independence Day Budget + Cake Budget

There’s no constant power. There’s rarely any drinking water flowing from the tap, or even any water flowing from the tap sef. The security system is in shambles. Universities are constantly on strike. But somehow, because we are celebrating our 50th year independence, there is a budget of 6.7billion naira (approx $45 million) to spend on the celebrations, which included a completely mind boggling budget of N72 million for a cake. How this amount of money was approved for all this eludes all of us. The rational behind this decision flies right over our heads. This to me, is probably one of the most shocking decisions I’ve ever seen from the Nigerian Govt…and I’ve lived long enough to see a lot. This goes beyond all kinds of explanations. Even more shocking is the actual cake itself. I don’t think there is anything 72 million about it.

… we’re almost there. 10-5 coming up next… stay tuned.


  1. I am glad the wow moments had some positives. The Independence celebration budget baffled me so much. O my Naija (Yes Aunty D, I said Naija)

  2. The Independence day budget and cake is a perfect example of incompetence and inhumanity at its highest order I swear! Who freaking approves a 72 million naira cake in a country like naija?

    Yet we have people like Senator Aminu making silly comments that naijas are not worried about the govts unnecessary spending and such. smcheew.

    The kidnapping of the 15 Aba children was very cringe-worthy.

    Looking forward to the rest of the list. Great stuff.


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