Top 10 inventions useful to the average Nigerian


I know most people might think that 10 was hard to select and stuff but quite frankly this was very easy to choose.If it’s not here, then it’s probably not such a good invention… at least in my opinion. Also this is in no particular order. So just because something is listed as number 1 it doesn’t make it the best invention.

1. MONEY: For something that is the root of all evil, it sure is what makes Nigeria, and the world in general spin around. Even the most basic thing called love doesn’t exist for the average Nigerian without money. We too like money. I can’t imagine what the country would be like with out money. Without money, we would not be able to afford most of the things on this list.

Pure Water
Pure Water

2. PURE WATER: Now I’m not talking about that cholera crap lagosians were feeding us with back in the 90s. I mean well purified and packaged pure water. It is easy to carry, light, up to 15 in one sac, and cheap (very- 5naira for 60cl). God bless the person that decided it should be 60cl because after any meal,that is just the right amount of water you need. Big ups to the brains behind this one.

3. ELECTRICITY: This is undeniable. Despite the fact that NEPA (PHCN or whatever) doesn’t give it constantly at home. But while it’s there it too useful. We can’t live without it really.No argument.

4. GSM: “Gizim” as it was popularly called back in them days. Remember how long NIPOST used to take to deliver your love letter those days? Now you can just text – “baby i love u” and sharp sharp she receives it and starts blushing. Or when we were younger and her popsy would pick up the land line in the parlour and say-“Yes,who r u? ” and u have to quickly drop or ask for her brother, but now…Need I say more. All day,where u dey? Calls are so easy nowadays.

5. OKADA: A friend told me this shouldn’t be on the list and I almost slapped him.This is one of the best things that has happened to our great nation. Comfort (not like taxi or bus where one fat mama go squeeze you with her pikin join), Efficiency (beats traffic anywhere any day), and Cost effective (you know now… it’s cheaper to climb okada than to fuel your car for short distances). I often wonder why the western world has not adopted such a wonderful means of transportation.

Okada - The most reliable and efficient mode of transportation in Naija
Okada - The most reliable and efficient mode of transportation in Naija

6. INDOMIE: Not noodles, Indomie. Common…sometimes we dont have time to cook a full meal. 90 naira indomie, 40naira for 2 eggs, 50 naira coke and for less than 2dollars balanced diet don ready. Need I say more.

7. CONDOM: Yes I know u were waiting for this one. With the 80s came that bastard called AIDS and threatened one of the finer things in life. But thanks to this little device, life as we know it continues. Portable, easy to carry, easy to hide and easy to pop out like magic when the time comes – as if u didn’t have it in mind when you put it there in the first place. I often wonder how life would be without it (topic for another day). It is pretty affordable also.

8. NUCLEAR BOMB: How does it affect you? Well this powerful piece of machinery is what is responsible for world peace (kinda) today. When the Americans got it,diplomacy was invented.Hell if not for this weapon, Hitler would’ve turned Africa into farmland as he planned, and we would all be planting coco yam for the rest of our lives. (sort of anyway)

9. ARTIFICIAL HAIR/ATTACHMENT/WEAVE: This one is actually for the ladies, and this particular invention has been helping babes since 19__. I don’t know when it was invented but it’s been a great invention for women of all ages. Switch up hair styles from short to long, from rhianna to beyonce at anytime. Any style or color you want your hair in, it’s available and looks good. Kudos to whoever thougt of this convenient invention. Great invention. (P.S. Abeg this is not a starting point to start natural vs artificial hair battle biko. If you choose to go natural I applaud you for it and if you use weave it’s still all good. I respect everyone’s choice. No judgement passed.)

10. POUNDED YAM: May Allah shower blessings upon the person who decided to pull out that root, peel it, boil it and then pound it. Only one thing beats the satisfaction a true naija person gets after a HEAVY meal of poundo with goat meat. Add small stout or cold mineral and you’re in business. Oh la la indeed. God is good.

Well there goes the top 10. Things that almost made it include the likes of:PALM WINE, DEODORANT, MATCHES, PHOTOCOPY MACHINE, SUYA, AND COURSE PAPA AJASCO…LOL.


  1. i second that okada gist mehn… some place are too far to walk and too close to drive…i wonder why they haven't instigated it too.

    mmmmm,i remember when i was in unibuja and my friends and i used to patronize the malam that made indomie, thos ew ere the days…yum!

  2. As a matter of fact, koboko should be number one on the list. Only God knows… From nursery to…. when did it ever even stop. lol

  3. LOL… This is too funny. Okada definitely is in the my top 3 best inventions useful to the average Nigerian. Pure water is up there too…lol.

    • How can you mention all these w/o including shine-shine bobo, aka kpakpando, the almighty STAR lager beer, is you mental?

  4. Poor Nigerians. It makes no sense Nigeria is still a third world country. Many thanks to corrupt government. You are looking very good. So good, you are still a third World country. Get smart for a change Naija.

  5. i think "generators" should be in the place of nepa no household can survive without a gen this days and a water pumping machine should also be included

  6. lol @ koboko, y'all are tripping. I think it should have been CANDLE in place of electricity. lol Can you imagine Nigeria without candle and matches.

    – candle

    – bore hole

    – metal protectors

    – indomie and pure water are def on my top ten too.

  7. no be everybody dey chop eba, but it is a most def that every1 eats Iyan… Hmmm how would any1 have survived in gwags without Okada or should i say 'going'. I remember, up till my Uni days i used to claim god forbid me enter Okada hmm…that was until i found out i gained admission into gwags . The nonsense Okada burnt my legs the 1st time but as i sat on that Okada i realized that this is one enjoyment ndi ocha's will never enjoy well except they own power bikes. Even at that no be the same!

  8. Nigeria needs inventors that will invent good,important and reasonable things in order to improve the integrity of our country.

    What can you guys say about the invention of Urine Operating Generator by four teenagers in this Nigeria?


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