Those Were The Fun Days in Naija…. Oh, How I Miss It


Oh! How I miss those days in Naija. Thinking about it makes tears well up  in my eyes and bring laughter to my face. I was born in 1988 in Naija but there are some moments i remember and my face lights up. I miss this days:
• The days where Choco Milo was the best chocolate ever.
• The days of Tales by moonlight, speakout, super story, papa ajasco
• Days of Christmas where we all looked forward to wearing our mama- tie- me -for back dresses and mother care socks.
• I miss the days of Christmas when we take food to our neighbors and they gave us money in exchange
• The days of Christmas when we dress up, wear our cute outfits and visit family and friends one after the other
• The days when Christie Ogoli, Shina peters, Onyeka onwenu , funmi Adams sang and brought tears of joy to our faces
• The days when “Nigeria, my beloved country” was the best song ever
• Days when birthday parties was fun.  Cake and red jollof rice
• The days  when actors and actresses  were natural in their movies.Liz benson, Dolly unachukwu, regina askia, Antar laniyan, etc. unlike this age were they are all so fake trying to form Americana. Tonto Dike and her likes
• The days where ladies wore long skirts that had slits up to their laps
• The days of love letter. Were we sent love letter to boy and girls and await their reply
• The days of father chrismas
• Days when we went for people’s birthday and danced to “hoo yay, I wish u hapi buyday” “hoo yay, very merry merry hapi returns”
• The days when rice was the best food ever
• The days when cousins, neighbors all lived and related well unlike this age where evrione is on their own. Aka OYO
• I miss the days of Akwa-oche, cloths made from chair materials
• The days when we went to school , lined up and the headmistress and teachers inspect our nails and uniform and then we march to our classrooms
• The days of “papilo, I know say one day, you go make us proud”
• The days of Mother care socks and socks that has lace round it
• The days of rashidi yekini, Daniel omokachi, Sunday oliseh,  peter rufai, etc
• The days of pinafore school uniform
• The days of black and white Tv
• The days where only one person in that neigbourhood had that round phone and neighbors had to come receive calls in one’s house
• The days of sakobi the snake girl, Nneka the pretty serpent, Igodo, Living in bondage, Sharon stone
• The days of Maclean, Tura soap, dudu osin, okin biscuit, ribena, lucozade, tomtom, etc
• The days when MKO was the main man

There are still many more days that I cannot remember but feel free to post some of your fun filled days in Naija. How I miss those days.


  1. Ahh good ol' memories man! Loved this post. During Christmas, folks would go around giving hampers or folks would be off to the village for 1-2 weeks…now kidnapping has changed all of that.

    I loved growing up in Nigeria, and this post took me back. Kudos!

    • Yeah, i remember the whole hamper thing. My grandma would already be announcing in church for xmas hamper. Then we used to go to the village and have fun with our relatives. I miss those days mehn

  2. Men you just took me back to the good days. It's too bad this our new generation will not know this type of experience because they are too busy copying oyibo and akata.

    • U right when u say our new generation will not experience it. They all stuck on PS, WII, Iphone, etc. Wateva happened to goin outside to play tente and round the garden. Hmm

    • U right, our new generation will not experience dat kind of fun. They all busy with Iphone, WII, PS3, Xbox, etc. Whatever happened to going outside to play tenten, round the garden, hide and seek. Those where the fun days oo

  3. Oh Gosh!!!!!

    The days of curtina shoes…..

    And the long skirts there with slits was called shabba…. lol!!!!!

    Buttermint nko….? when its was real good and is it bum bum or something…..? phew!!!!! then big deep for those who lived in ogba area in lagos….

    U gonna make me cry now….

    Great memories…

    Lovely post Jayfunade…

    Cheers guys….

    • singing:back to school with Cortina.and singing:Bata by choice.

      LWKMD! really nice article. I remember Captain Africa in Vanguard,Pendulum by Dele Momodu,MEE by May Ellen Ezekiel,Voltron,Jimi Cliff,The UBA cartoon ads,Oh my i ahve tears i can't write anymore!

    • singing:back to school with Cortina.and singing:Bata by choice.

      LWKMD! really nice article. I remember Captain Africa in Vanguard,Pendulum by Dele Momodu,MEE by May Ellen Ezekiel,Voltron,Jimi Cliff,The UBA cartoon ads,Oh my i have tears i can't write anymore!

  4. wao…it sure brought back those happy moments.


    Those days when we used to got Amusement Park at Apapa (does dat place stll exists?) and Water Park during Xmas celebrations

    Those days of "u re d only sugar in my tea" lolz

    Those days! i miss dem.

  5. Ahh… Why u dey diss my beloved Tonto Dike?…lol. I do miss those times sha, and naija has def changed, but I guess it's all part of life and growing up has opened our eyes to all the BS of the world.

  6. I cant help but laugh over all this cause they were just the only way we had fun then…..

    . Those days when NTA starts network by 4pm and other stations by 5pm

    . Those days of Horkogan, Baba Suwe on NTA 7, Kiddy Vision 101


    . Those days of TEN TEN, Pa te wo, Tin ko Tin ko

    . Those days when visitors come around and give us money, our parents tell us to keep it in our Kolo (wooden safe) and they go pick it up at our back

    . Those days of Baba dudu (sweet), Ekana Gowon, Tasty time, Fish rolls, Eyin alangba, Bale wa… This where the goodies we ate then.. and to kill it all if u could afford the square okin biscuit than u r the richest

    . Those days when we celebrate our birthday in sch with 1 pkt of cabin biscuit, 1 pkt of sweet and 1 pkt of chewing gum. to top it up, we would be the only one wearing party dress to sch on that day.. ooh my God I use to feel like the second in command to God on that day cause all my classmates would be following me any where i go…lolll

  7. i miss those days when my momo will tell me to give her my money to she can help me keeep it to buy my christmas cloth………..all those fun times

  8. Good Old days

    The days of Willy Willy, checkmate, Abija..

    The days of Maria de los Angeles, No one but you, The rich also cry..

    Do you remember Bournvita Breakfast, Clapper Board TV.

    Those days of Pilolo, Suwe, ki lon leje.

    The days of Condense (ice cream), kokoro, Tandi…

  9. Gone are the days..Pls where is Funmi Adams now…pls reply is she still alive and where can one get any of her song? Pls reeply ASAP..Thnx

  10. chai dose days… open nd close tv sets with key.

    dose days we played game box on the street

    days of bricks game

  11. Woa.u just took me down memories.dat time i ate more of kulikuli,tasty time,ekana gowon,watch tale by moonlight,we use to gather round my neighour black&white ten ten,use rubber to play game,use ori &vasile to rule body.listn to lagbaja,daddy shokey,onyeka,use to trek to my far distance sch.dose time are gone n d name of computer age


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