The Top Ten Hottest Men In Nigerian Entertainment


With the amount of drama that has occurred on all week, I thought it would be the perfect time to ease the ladies with a post about men. Yes HOT, SEXY and AMBITIOUS  men in the Nigerian entertainment industry. This list is totally my opinion ohh. But I am sure a lot of you would agree with me. So here we go!

Number 1.Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.


You may remember Ebuka as being a contestant on the 2006 season of Big Brother Africa. He may have placed 8th in the competition but since the launch of his career as a TV personality (he is currently signed with Globacom and This day newspaper), his success seems to be heading in only one direction : up!  As if that’s not enough, Ebuka just has that face that you can stare at all day; his dress sense is also very unique with his bow tie, socks and all. Also there is nothing sexier than a man that can rock pink and still look hella fine. *starring at his pic* Ebuka sigh!

Number 2. Banky Wellington aka BankyW

BankyW, BankyW, BankyW… This RnB crooner has always looked good from his teenage years. In recent years, with the explosion of his music career with hits like Lagos party, Strong thing and Ebutemetta, not only is he a Nigerian superstar, he is also a ladies man. Come on Ladies, have you heard his song Thief my Kele? Guys need to be afraid and girls need to know that when he is around, no one is safe and I mean NO ONE!

Number 3. Dapo  Oyebanjo aka Dbanj

Most Ladies would know him as the KOKOMASTER. With lyrics that have got you dancing in your sleep and  the swag to go with it, there is nothing short of sexy when it comes to D’banj. As one of Nigeria’s greatest exports, it is only right he is on this list. And please who would after hearing these words  resist him “kokolet, 1,2 in my room, me you, turn the light real low, let me show you the KOKO“…..

Number 4. Naetochukwu Chikweaka Naeto C

NaetoC just has swag that I personally thinks he needs to share with a lot of there males out there, because it is too much for one person!!! This rapper, afrobeat artist and record producer has not only given us great hits like kini big deal but has also blessed the ladies with repeated views of his sexiness on different occasions. Its ok Naeto you can know my P anytime..wink wink!

Number 5.Ikechukwu  aka Killz

In his own words: Son Of The Soil! Son of A King! Ladies this is for those of you that appreciate a man that puts work into his body. I remember watching the video of his song “ikechukwu‘ and thinking damn damn damn! This fine piece of work has like 20packs (ok exaggeration) and also flows like a beast on the mic. With hits like Wind am well, no wonder his Girlfriend doesn’t let their “breaks” last long.

Number 6. Joseph Yobo

This Everton/super eagles Footballer has grown in front of our eyes over the years into a sexy sexy sexy man. Unfortunately ladies he is taken engaged to Adaeze Igwe former MBGN and they look cute together (sigh). Seen as I have respect for what God has joined together, I wont talk about him too much. I shall only look and appreciate. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

Number7. Paul and Peter Okoye aka Psquare

African sensation Psquare are twin brothers that have charisma. With voices that can make your heart beat, dance moves that leave me speechless each time, and with songs like Temptation, None like you and Ifunanya these boys definitely need to be on this list. I would love to wake up everyday to someone singing about their love for me… wouldn’t you?

Number 8. Osaze Odemwingie

Odemwingie, has not only been the MVP of the super eagles in recent years (in my opinion) but he is also very easy on the eyes. This half Nigerian half Russian football player choose to pledge his alliance to the Nigerian football Association as opposed to his other half! Any man that knows when to choose the correct side, gets an A in my book and Peter gets an A+… the plus, for his good looks.

Number 9. Innocent Idibia- aka Tuface

Baby daddy of the decade. Any man that can get 3 women pregnant in the space of 3 years, is either working some jazz, or just has that it factor, that make these ladies go gaga. Tuface’s claim to sexiness is definitely not his baby making prowess but the fact that his sexiness is very effortless. A friend once told me that Tuface looks like that when he comes out of the shower and rubs pomade. No extra haircuts, no trying to dress to impress. TUFACE IS JUST TUFACE!

Number 10. Dare Art Alade

When it comes to Nigerian artists that are underrated, Dare definitely is. With his charm and wit and voice that is just short of amazing, there is nothing about Dare that is not classified as sexy. Married to the beautiful Deola Art alade, Dare  has shown that sexy does not have to end with marriage and is still a ladies man.


Chris Attoh- The only reason he didn’t make the list is because he is Ghanaian. And I didn’t want to get eaten alive!

Chidi Mokeme- A lot of people find him sexy. There is something about him sha.. Maybe its the fact he has a sex store business in Nigeria.. yep he does!

Jay Jay Okocha- I have seen this man in real life and trust me he is FOINEEEEE. But he is old sha… so yea… close call!

Hope you guys enjoyed this list!

So do you guys agree or disagree?!?!?!?!?


  1. i hope this is not in order of ranking because i don't understand banky w's number two hottness ranking….maybe number 11..yes i'd understand that.

  2. i thnk u shld remove osazie whether he pledges alliance with nigeria or not, besides u cant deny d fact dat he isnt such a wonderful playa nd that he probably had a problem been accepted in russia so he decided to pitch his camp here.

  3. I can't see why Jon Obi Mikel is not on this list…. and for all you jealous girls that say tuface aint sexy, ll just say its personal beef(Temi and the other looser girl), maybe you can't have him that's why you beef him…lol, the guy is so sexy even when he looks so casual.. and what is not sexy about his voice…Looser ladies..lmao

  4. D list is ok bt we nid a recent one plz cos we sure ave new n sexy guys in our entertainment industry. I knw som1 lyk UTI NWACHUKWU wil mak d top ten cos d guy isnt jst Sexy, he is HOt! Bt my hubby hot pass am shaa. lol.

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  6. How come Kevin Lucciano Gabriel is not on the List? As for me he is one of the hottest Nigerian celebrity Alive!

  7. you posted entertainment and not sportmen. secondly you said hottest not most successful…I agree with the likes of d’banj, peter and not paul, ikechukwu and maybe 2face and dare…here’s the question…is banky W hotter than dipp or flavor?!….or neato C hotter than van vicker(forget he’s ghanian he’s a part of our industry) or uti infact d’prince should be on that list not pot bellied banky , ebuka and neato…they are just fresh not hot


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