The Real Housewives Of Africa: God Rarely Makes Them Like This Anymore!


Respectful, SUBMISSIVE, sweet, caring… those are the adjectives that describe the real housewives of Africa. Their days are filled with hard work and taking care of others. They wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for the entire family. A lot of families were polygamist with two or more wives and over 20 kids. Let alone the husband who is “the king of the whole castle”. Whatever he decides rules in the house. After eating breakfast which is composed of leftovers from the day before, the husband goes to work, the kids walk to school and the wives start getting busy.

They clean the house, wash the dishes, do the laundry and prepare the meal before their husband and kids get back home later in the day. After cleaning the house, they walk to the market and buy ingredients for the day’s meals. As soon as they come back from the market, they start cooking the meal outside, in big pots on a fire. When they finish cooking, they make a special plate (the dad’s plate) for their husband and keep it hot in a special place. They also serve the food in individual plates ready for the kids when they come back home from school.

What’s amazing about this type of families is that every wife treats every kid and other kids in the neiborhood as her own, without discrimination of any kind. Of course they know who their kids are and the kids know who their moms are but there is no favoritism towards anyone. The kids call every mom “mom” As far as the husband is concerned, he tries not to treat his wives differently but we cannot say that he doesn’t have a favorite. For the wives, they treat each other as sisters. At night, the wives take turns spending the night with the husband. Each wife gets one night with the husband an the kids either sleep in the same room or they sleep with their moms, depending on the family’s policy.

Before the wives go to bed, they make sure that the kids ate dinner, did their homework, and took a shower. They also make sure that all the kitchen stuff is inside the house and that the doors are locked. They go to bed very late, close to when the next day starts. The next morning, they start the same routine with love and passion. They never complain; their care for others is so great that they sometimes forget about themselves. They respect and take good care of their husbands. They have a special heart and they live to make sure that everybody is well taken care of. The real housewives of Africa are a special kind of woman but unfortunately, God rarely makes them like this anymore.

By Nathalie



  1. True. But then let's not get it twisted…whatever happened to the MEN? You know…the ones that ACTUALLY took care of their families and were responsible enough not to hide from reality? The ones that didnt expect their wives to earn a living AND keep house at the same time? The ones who, even though they knew and acknowledged the role of a woman in the home, were also mature enough to acknowledge the role of the MAN in the home (not in a machismo manner)? Those were the men that knew that as the women were to SUBMIT…they were to LOVE and PROVIDE.

    Oh…and BTW…do you classify yourself as one of 'those' special women?

    • Sifushka,

      The men did a great job providing for the family, but I wrote this article to highlight the qualities of those women back then. I'll make sure to write another article for Men. Of course all women were not submissive, respectful… and all families were not very happy either. That's just an example of a rare but real housewife of Africa.

      Even though I am a proud African, I would not consider myself as a real housewife of Africa as described in the article. That's how I know God rarely makes them like this anymore.

      Don't forget to check out my blog

  2. …apparently, this contributor has never seen a household like the one above in chaos with wives screaming at one another, mistreating each other's kids or husbands not being good providers.

    That picture above of the woman in a modern kitchen is also misleading.

  3. …But you are forgetting something, GOD never made them like this in the first place, cultures did. And any culture that does not bow to fairness and just must be scrapped, this is the reason you are not seeing these kinda of overworked underappreciated wives!

  4. Yes, they all acting stuck up. It'd been better if we went back to those days when women would call their husband Daddy and mean it but now they all are getting educated and their ego weighs a thousand pound now and they arrogant. Arrogant little things men can't do without. Well, that time's all gone now… anyway.

  5. l only have one problem with your pic… that dont look african… l'm an African man and l tell you she aint got meat l like my handle bars l like em thick coz l take care of mines not fat but thick. show me the real thing thats one hungry lady and african woman real african woman dont bake like that she use fire sweet corn bread hand made not using a dough roller.. you need to get your facts right before posting silly woman calling the real african house wife you dono nothing


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