The Beach And The B*tches


Growing up, I didn’t get to do a lot of ‘fun’ things the other kids did, now don’t get me wrong, I did play with sand, played mummy and daddy, played police and thief, I had a good childhood, did virtually all the things children in my neighborhood did at the time, but what I meant by ‘fun’ things then were things like going to park, jumping on bouncing castles, going to an eatery for ice-cream, swimming, and going to the beach, the list is endless but lets just stop there for now lol.

Now am a little older and I’ve decided to do some of those things, well the ones girls my own age do now, and I hope you know which ones am referring to, cos it’d be realy odd if you saw an 18 yr old girl jumping on a bouncing castle. The opportunity came sometime ago when I had to go for a little get together on the beach, I was realy excited, a week to the D-day I was all smiles, it was ALL I could talk about, my bestie got tired of me constantly asking “Omg what should I wear?!” …him being a guy and all he didn’t see it fit to be suggesting what to wear to me so our other friends wont tag him gay lol.

I wasn’t entirely at a loss for what I had to wear though, I mean it’s the beach right? Don’t people just wear shorts and fittedTeesand flip flop? I wasn’t wrong about the short and flip flop though cos that was what most people wore …well imagine my surprise when I got to the beach, and you could see some girls wearing dinner gowns and high heels, I was like “WT(((BLEEP)!))”, and I could see a girl struggling to get her heels outta the sand, It was when I bumped into some guy I realized I had been staring and laughing at the girl and I wasn’t concentrating on where I was going.

Why do some some girls do that though? …be an embarrassment to all the other girls? I mean it’s the BEACH! Apart from the fact that its extremely uncomfortable walking on heels, do you have to salt your game by wearing it to some place were the sand is outta control and it’ll definitely be realy uncomfortable to walk in the sand. No one’s complaining when you wear a 6inch heel to the club and then you cant dance on it, you later remove it and start walking barefooted in the club, which is one of the ‘stupidest’ thing anyone can do, Buh wearing heels to the beach is not only the height of stupidity but its taking it too far.

I mean if wearing heels is your way of showing the world you’re ‘classy’, then you should learn to let loose a little bit, even Tiwa savage performs on stage better when she’s barefooted and guys still think she’s hot, so why kill yourself over nothing?. Okay here’s a joke, so I told my bestie about the heels thing, and he said “They are prolly wearing the heels to the beach so they can fish with it’ hahahahaha! That’s funny, no? okay if you didn’t find that funny then your sense of humour must be realy twisted.


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