#ThankASoldier Saying Thank You Goes A Long Way


Get up, pick up a gun (or knife), and go fight the enemy of the nation you swore to protect. Not because you have no other option, but because you’ve decided to do. Could you very well die in the process? Yes. It’s no secret that your mortality rate is pretty doubled or tripled once you sign up to fight for your country as a soldier. That’s what soldiers in Nigeria are doing on a daily basis.

They are fighting the battle so we don’t have to fight the enemy in our backyard. They are fighting the enemy so we can continue to go to school, go to work, go clubbing, go to church/mosque, go hang out with our friends and family. So from our angle, saying ‘Thank You’ is the least we can do.

I used to be one those that absolutely didn’t care for soldiers in Nigeria. Not with all the stories from the military regimes and what not, but over the past 2-3 years I’ve gotten a greater appreciation for what they do, the sacrifice they make, and the extremely unfavorable conditions they find themselves in. Honestly, it’s not easy at all. They have their own families, friends, and loved ones too that they leave behind to go fight the fight that most don’t want to. It’s not like they don’t want to just chill, kick it, drink orijin, and watch football like most of us. They have  decided to sacrifice that temporarily for the greater good.

So we’ve decided to join the good folks at Anakle as they appreciate the efforts and sacrifices of the soldiers through this week via #ThankASoldier.

So What Can I Do?

Here are a few things you can do to lend your support during this campaign.

– Thank with a salute (a personal or group photo of a salute)
– Post on social media with the hashtag #ThankASoldier
– Thank with a message on the website wall (thankasoldier.ng)
– Follow the social media channels.

Via Anakle

We can appreciate our service men offline too!
If you see an officer of the Nigerian military, please do well to stop and say thanks. Take a selfie with a willing soldier, share it online with the hashtag. You can also give free rides to soldiers, donate to military charities, or deliver holiday hampers to military families (their breadwinners are out fighting).

We are also planning an end of the year party for military families on December 10, Bonny Camp Cantonment. This is our own way of saying thank you, and you can join us. If you know any artistes who could do a free 1 hour daytime concert, on a Thursday, please let us know.

So really, in the grand scheme of things, what’s saying a little thank you going to take away from you. Not much. But to these men and women of the armed forces, it really can go a long way.


Note: We know this is away from the music and entertainment norm, but we’ve decided to use this post to spread this good message and campaign. 


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