Rugged Man’s Revealing Phone Conversation with 9ice over Toni Payne Affair


This just came across us and it’s wowing to say the least. Interesting conversation. Check out the message from Rugged Man.

“It started as a rumour that 9ice caught his wife Toni Payne giving Ruggedman a blow job. I wondered where such a terrible rumour emanated from only to find out it was from 9ices song titled ”once bitten twice shy”.In the song done by my own friend,he sang that he saw his ”girl” (Not his wife Toni Payne) giving his ”friend”(Not Ruggedman) a blow job.Since 9ice himself did not mention anybodys name in the said song I thought nothing of the evil,wicked rumour,but it spread wider and i heard a lot of people started assuming a lot and i have been called so many things by people over something i did not do.

Even some shameless soft sells unproffessionally published the rumour based on heresay, without talking to the partys involved,but i dont blame them.Some will publish anything just to sell.

I expected 9ice as a friend to come out and clear it up by announcing to people that it was not me he sang about in his song but till date he has not done so to reasons best known to him i guess.I called 9ice to talk about it and clear it up and he said so many things including that he will not come out and clear my name that has been dragged into a maliscous rumour.
I did not want to believe that 9ice has refused to clear it up because it is helping his album sales like some people have said.I did not want to believe it but I am happy i recorded the conversation and I want you all to hear for urselves what he said to me so that this rumour can stop once and for all.


Pls after this,if anybody dares to mention my name in such a thing again its only God that will deal with such a person.



  1. I'm sure my opinion is biased, cuz i'm crazy about 9ice, but i agree with him. If he releases another song and speculation like this occur again will he have to clear things up everytime? At the same time, the commotion it's causing for Rugged and Toni is too much. I think Rugged's back is against the wall… because I don't know why he would post a convo he had with his friend up for the world to see. I doubt the two will have much of a friendship left after this. Anywhoo, I sha gbadun good gist oh.

  2. oh now see how painful it actually is..u came out with a single titled ehn ehn and u felt u were “The One” assuming u slaughtered all wack MC’s in d music industry..remember eedris? raski? and maintain? U r yet again in another controversy u cant seem to stomach.. i just hope dis will goes on and on till u realize what goes around comes around..Twat! i’m glad 9ice said he wont clear things up..serves u right!!

  3. Papaz, this is IJOBA, if you dont have what to say keep quite this is a different issue and it has nothing to do with rugged man changing the partern of nigeria music..EITHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, RUGGED MAN STILL REMAIN'S THE PILLAR OF 9JA MUSIC…..As for you rugged man let them say… You just have to bear it as DUCK INSIDE THE WATER….is not everybody out there that likes you only those who knowns the truth we speak for you 1 luv…

  4. IJOBA, i want to believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I havent spoken abt U or any other person who's left a comment. i only commented abt rugged so no need for d verbal jabs. FYI rugged has never been d pillar of music in nigeria, that of cos should be credited to keke & D1. Rugged came into d music game when there wasnt any real competition. now with the emergence of the M.I's, D'banj's, the late Dagrin(hats of to him) to mention a few, pls tell me what he's done in d last couple of years. that said, pls do a proper self assessment b4 u talk abt d next person.

    PS: He should foreva be thankful to 9ice for resurrecting his career with that song ruggedy baba.

    peace out.

    • c mak u get fact well b4 u gamb am. na rugged man get ruggedy baba, so na 9ce go sopose de greatfull hear.

      make i tell u wen rugged man de cary nice make e cum perfom for e show were una de, mke nice forever de greaful to rugged cox he had don alot for him, althogh regud has his own fault un d matter and i feel de both have beef b4 now.

  5. It is good for Ruggedman to clear his name by recording his conversation with his friend (9ice). However, should have removed some of the 9ice comments, "motherfucker press.." In a way ruggedman may drug 9ice name into mud by releasing the recording without editing & removing some comments made by 9ice. It is not professional and I hope he sued for that.

  6. KAI!!! This thing dey very underhanded oh! How can you just blow owu in your "FRIEND'S" nyash like this now?!! Rugged did not handle this with class at all. All he had to do was respond to the rumour mongers by saying "that's b.s. NEXT!" if he was asked the question directly by the press, like he did initially then let it end there. There was no need for any further crap @ all.

    I feel 9ice's stance on this quite frankly. Dem don big pass this secondary school nonsense.

    This is why Nigerian artistes need better P.R. handling firms. *smh*

  7. People just free rugged man and lets move on the fact is that Rugged has nothing to do wid the 9ice issues………

  8. I am not biased on this. I dont think this was the smartest move by Ruggedy Baba. As celebrities, there are always going to be speculations (lots of them untrue) and he of all people should be well aware of it.

    The fact that he had this rather private conversation with 9ice and was cleared could have just put it to rest at least for him. But his recording the conversation (obviously without 9ice's knowledge) is suspicious. But even at that, going a step further and releasing this private conversation publicly (again obviously without 9ices knowledge or approval) just stinks! Makes his character and personal integrity questionable and imagine how everyone else would be suspicious having a phone conversation with Rugged Man.

    I dont know exactly what this was supposed to achieve, but I suspect it has failed. Oh, my bad…it may have succeeded in feeding more fire to gossip peddlers.

    On my sheet, I think this will finally play out in 9ices favour.

  9. This wouldn't have happened if 9ice had done the right thing and cleared this rumour up from the get go. If Rugged man is his friend and he is hearing nonsense being said about Rugged man and his wife, as a friend, he should have said no, it isn't Rugged man and cleared this whole ish up. But, he refused to. Rugged had to do what he had to do, his back was pushed against the wall. Now, it is all cleared up. You guys now have to go find out who is responsible for the 9ice and Toni's break up since it is obviously not rugged man. By the way, the only person really that has benefited from this speculation and all that in between as far as I can see is 9ice. So, please leave Rugged man alone and go ask your brother (9ice) what he has acheived from this 'fake' beef.

  10. Papaz, you and i know that in this game you can feature who ever you feel like, for as long as it not 9ice who wrote the song so there for rugged man owe him no thanks…As for the artist you listed they have thier own pattern of music Mode 9 did his best but where is he today.. so if there is any one who would like to have a taste of rugged man i still have one thousand and one believe that he will down that person

  11. this goes out to papaz you and i know that in this game you can feature who ever you feel like, for as long as it not 9ice who wrote the song so there for rugged man owe him no thanks…As for the artist you listed they have thier own pattern of music Mode 9 did his best but where is he today.. so if there is any one who would like to have a taste of rugged man i still have one thousand and one believe that he will down that person

  12. @ IJOBA, 2 be honest am amazed u havent thrown any jabs towards me..anyways, i cant take away d fact from u being a ruggedman fanatic.. He isnt as bad as u think i feel he is. My problem with him was his approach to d music industry. speaking of beef, my guy rugged to me has his best behind him, hopefully his new album might be a convincer. stil on d beef matter, have u heard M.I's "Somebody wants 2 die"? IJOBA, there's stiff competion in d music industry now. Rugged to me wont stand a chance. Peace!

  13. This isn't about his music. If you like him or not, or if you like his music or not is not the issue. The real issue is what led to this conversation being played and who is in the wrong.

  14. ds conversation is nt meant to b for d public its meant for 2 friends. wy make it public. rugged u r a dissapointment to ur fans and d public in general. what impression r u tryin to create…

    Osa bi ole gbemi fimile bio da mi. Dont add to what is on ground already 4 9ice. u alwayz make urself popular by dissing pple eg Idris abdulKarim, (ice fans wouldnt let u make name out of him or his present situation. I'll advise you to mind ur business. u couch pple star to make urself known, 9ic is unbreakable pal

    • If u no sabi talk or fit contribute make u chill, cox u no go fit sitdowm make pipo bgin paint u name for w8ng u no no, and ur so called frend no one help u out. I gues dat will b ur potion make u no as e de b.

  15. Let be realistic with ourselves here…with what we heard during the both conversation, psycologically, they both know the truth of the matter…but 9ice would rather want to protect the shame of his baby mama…9ice no listn to woni wonpe….did you catch him redhanded or you heard….that another case to study….here is my advice for u 9ice a million and billions of beautiful nigeria gurls would love to have who d hell is Toni…give ursef brain u just started ur career oooo, dont be deceived…

  16. I don't get you idoits busy dissing ruggedman, that stupid 9ice set him up and he in a desperate need to clear his name had to do this, hey 9ice is the bad guy here and not ruggedman, please don't let us be biased, you can hate a brother(ruggedman) but that shouldn't blind you from the truth.

    • Bodunde, ur a big twat! coming in and calling people idiots..ur the bigger idiot. ur supposed to comment on rugged/9ice's affair not other peoples comment. U r a mighty shit house. guess u'd be more than glad to bend over just so ruggedman can leave some love juice up ur shit-hole. dont come around acting like u've got a say. really, there isn't any need for ur 2 cents u can keep em to urself.

  17. my advise is simple Ruged u for no tape dat gist and send it publicly, i undrstand ur pain but d act is very unprofessional. If 9ce no clear ur back u for go straight to d studio and du ur thing if d gist de too much. But 9ice i understand say d controvercy don give ur abulm so boost, u for try regard ur old time frend, atleast bcox of d gud old days. Any how shal e go de painfull say both of una way pipo de luv naim d kind of quarel, d truth b say 9ce na tru ruggedman i take cum no and love u. make una no share una fans.

  18. if the conversation i just heard is through, to be quite honest 9ice isn't doing a good job at all. its not a matter of still in high school or kids or not the fact still remains that it is not 9ice that is in the mess but rugged man. an if he claims its not true, with his status in the music industry, it doesn't take him anything to clear up the rumor..

    as for rugged man, i'll advice him to send the conversation unedited to the media to clarify the whole issue….

  19. Nice is a disgrace to nigerian music, my advice for him is he should come out and tell the public he's referring to rugged or payne specifically. Nice has lost all the respect i have for him.

    • saying 9ice is a disgrace to 9ja is been Bias and an absolute prejudice on your part.

      Abeg cut nice a slack, he can Sing any song he feels like singing, after all he was Singing about his ex-Wife not Rugged Man's Sister. RuggedMan should Shut The Fuck up and allow the man be!!!

  20. ruuged respect for broda, i love the track and i love the lyrics. God bless you broda. That show the difference between both of you.

  21. I don't understand how and why good friends treat each other this way,Rugged man should not be bothered with it if he has nothing to hide,and the public should understand and shut the hell up.

  22. na lie joooor Nice don eventually release new single titled UNRUGGED dis jan 2014 truthfully saying that Tony payne slept with Rugged man. at last d truth is out. nawao Rugged u re wicked

  23. wats dis Nice new song all about ,i mean unrugged. but y is he dissing ruggedman again abi shey nice no get job to do again

  24. heeeeeyyyyyyy wow i just listened to nice new track. he really dissed and yabbed rugged man. Ashiritu oooooo. Rugged may u b judged for sleeping with tony payne again dis year. Heard he is pregnant for u

  25. hmmm UNRUgged by Nice is a dope track. kudos to u 9ice. abeg help me yab that bastard well called rugged. so Tony payne is pregnant for ruggedman nawa oga gon oooo

  26. nice and rugged are jobless,wats dis new song UNRUGGED all about again.must rugged impregnate Tony payne and must 9ice expose everything in that song


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