Rebuttal to Article: Home Is Where The Heart Is, And My Heart Is Here in America.


From Jaguda:

This article  is a rebuttal to the earlier post “this article Home Is Where The Heart Is, And My Heart Is Here In America”  so here goes:

…Well mine isn’t.

So I read this article in which the Nigerian author was expounding the merits of living in America and why she feels that this “glorious” country is the best thing since sliced bread. Suffice it to say I was not sold on any of the arguments she put forth.

Disclaimer: Since the day I decided to come over here for school, I promised myself that I would go home eventually (preferably before my 30th birthday). It’s been 5 years now and I’m 23 – hopefully wiser – and I still feel the same way. I’m not from one of the “rich” families in Nigeria; there’s no job or inheritance waiting for me back home. I have just always felt that I wouldn’t be “complete” if I settled here away from my family.

Why would I give up a place that has law and order, 24/7 electricity and water, and an excellent education and health sector among other things? For starters, while those are some very splendid advantages worth proselytizing about, they are certainly not all that (not to me at least).

The whole “no constant power/water” thing is something I lived with for the first 18 years of my life and it’s not a deal breaker for me. While I enjoy having constant power and water here, it definitely does not factor in to whether or not I return home. If I am that badly inconvenienced, I’ll get a generator and/or water tanker. Besides, from what I hear, the power thing is not exactly as bad as it used to be. This past Christmas, my mum was telling me that there was constant power at my ancestral home in Enugu state for the entire 2 week period that she was home. That is what I call progress, slow progress definitely, but a step in the right direction.

Now about this “almighty” education system; while I submit that America does have within its borders most of the highest acclaimed schools in the world, you have to admit that the education has not really done much for the indigenous population within it. The numbers do not lie. If you think they do, spend an evening watching FOX, MSNBC, or CNN and you get an idea of how “smart” the common American is. In Math, Science, Geography, and even English, the US doesn’t even come close to other countries.

As for the health care system, I am not even going to go into that. Just turn on your TV and watch some “economist” or “lawmaker” tell you about the demerits of “Socialized” medicine. Consider the millions of people without insurance in the United States. This is the only developed country in the world that people become bankrupt because of their health care.

I will give it to this country in the “Order” category, the


y do know how to keep the country and its citizens safe. As for “Law,” I can’t be so generous. There is corruption in Nigeria, it has eaten into the fiber of our society and it is what it the root of most of our problems. But corruption is the root of American society too…it’s just a more “legal” here. What do you think Lobbyists in Washington are doing?

The comment about connections not being relevant in America I think is quite funny. Why do you think people go into ridiculous amounts of debt trying to attend Ivy League schools, join sororities and fraternities, and even get on waiting lists so their toddlers can attend prestigious schools? Take a look at the CEO’s of fortune 500 companies and you’ll see that most of them come from country club backgrounds. There are definitely some rags-to-riches stories among them, but we also have those in Nigeria.

Don’t get me wrong, if I had to do it again, I would probably make the same choices. If not for anything, but for the opportunities I got from going to school here. The people I met and the cultures and value system I’ve been exposed to. But that’s about it.

So for those who proselytize about the merits of living in this “promised land” lets look at some facts:

America did not get to be the “paradise” it is now by people sitting on their asses and waiting for things to be handed to them. They worked really hard for it; for hundreds of years, they toiled, they bled, and they killed to make their country what it is today. Why do you think they are not so eager to let just any Tom, Juan, or Ngozi to come in here? Nigeria is not America; we probably won’t be America even in the next 20 years. But I do believe that in my lifetime, my country will become a great place. Call me a Pollyanna, I don’t care. It’s how I see it…Yep! I’m one of those people.

I only have to look at my friends to know that what I’m talking about will come to pass. These budding Neurologists, Health professionals, Physicists, Economists, Engineers, Fashion designers, Painters, Authors etc WILL make Nigeria the “paradise” I want it to be.

PS: If you want “paradise,” you would be better of moving to China; Awesome education system, World-class health care sector, and the next Mega-economy.


  1. I apologize if i seem rude but i do not understand the point of this article. Do you prefer living in America to living in Nigeria, if so, you don't have to justify your reasons. The truth is that America is good for somethings, you can actually have opportunities here, but be careful to not become the opportunity. The hard part about LIVING in the US is the hard work and stress level. But hard work pays off here while in Nigeria it may never pay off due to the corrupt system we have back home. Be wise, save some money and invest in Nigeria so when u eventually go back to Nigeria, you will have something to hold onto forever. Thanks for sharing.

  2. hey,nice thoughts but you really need to edit your articles well before they're are posted. As much as i share your passion for the nigerian dream,you kinda are missing the point. Everything you talked about here were clearly born outta sentiment for our beloved nigeria . The expounded merits of living in america are actually real,placed side by side nigeria,you find that the writer was on point. She still stressed though bout the urge to still return.The facts are glaring,go down there and see for yourself,atleast a first class graduate over there need not struggle for a job placement. Nice thoughts still!

  3. I was kind of confused too as to where the author is going with this. I'm not really sure of the main point in this article. Do you prefer Nigeria to America or the opposite? And who said the US is "the only developed country in the world"?

  4. This is trash. Ur criticizing America and yet ur naming all the qualities that make it great. Seriously, I feel like u don’t understand the point of the earlier article. It’s nice that ur optimistic about Nigeria but u shouldn’t be so blind to reality.

  5. You people are idiots … please read the first article then read this one. All the author is saying that Yankee is nice but Naija is ideal. All you American groupies biko change your name to johnson or smith as you are a disgrace to your great grand father …. see your life.

    • Don't be silly! It's not about sucking up to another country. It's about what works best for each person at a given period in their lives. Opinions are bound to differ. Major problem with our people is the inability to agree to disagree respectfully.

  6. Nice article Jare…I don't know how people read it and say they are confused..your arguements are clearly stated.

  7. "America did not get to be the “paradise” it is now by people sitting on their asses and waiting for things to be handed to them. They worked really hard for it; for hundreds of years, they toiled, they bled, and they killed to make their country what it is today." -This is a very key statement and its like people seem to forget it. Nigeria is not going to get anywhere if people don't fight for it and it is going to take TIME just like it did for America. We are still a young country,
    People shouldn't forget that especially people that came to America for school and don't have green card or passport.

  8. I really seconded to what the author of this article is saying,some might be confused but i am not , this is point blank written with grammatical clarity.Everyone has a right to his/her own opinion but i for one believe this concise and and well written

  9. this is so so better than the first one..@Chris,yea its sentiments but we all need that at this point to make Naija what it ought to be..what the writer is saying is simple America is where it is now cos some people made it so,naija wont become developed overnight.its also a shame that we want to reap where we didn’t sow.

  10. Great article…..
    People are entitled to their opinion and i respect that……
    We are who we are…….
    I ask one question though, "How many peaople here are ready to die to make Nigeria better?" Relax and think about it….. dont be quick to respond…..
    Nigerians are a lot of good things but passive violence leading to death for the better good is not one of them……. And the whole idea of taking responsibilty and being accountable for our deeds are all misconstrued ….
    There are lots of countries that wont take half of the crap that government shoves down our throats daily and we all know this….
    But what do we do? We sit down and complain…… Complain and complain….. Hoping it will get better tomorrow….
    Before anything can be done, people must be willing to die……. Those corrupt guys will not leave that place without a fight and we know it…….
    At least thats my opinion and i hope i havent stepped on any toes…..

    Enjoy the rest of your week guys…..
    Nice article…..

  11. I dont think you got the first article to which this is a rebuttal.

    It's not just about coming back to Nigeria, its about coming back to do what exactly….

    Be the CHANGE you are preaching about…dont judge someone else's thoughts and opinion.

    For God's sake, you mentioned something about the Light/Energy situation not being that bad, 2 weeks of constant electricity, how do you attract foreign investors with that kind of deal. Most Companies are now moving to Ghana just because of the Power situation.

    Please make valid and realistic points.


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