Random Musings On How Friends Can Be Closer Than Brothers.


They say a real friend will rush to bail you from a police station, but I know that a real friend will be right beside you in jail, whispering “you know, we should do this again”

Funny how many beautiful people exist in this world and how we are either repelled by them or madly attracted, forming casual bonds first then being as thick as big time thieves, sharing secrets, tall tales interests habits and event cultivating and experiencing the pleasures of the written word, exploring the spectrum of adventure, together.

The time intervals (not simply referring to length but simply as a sort of empirical experimental phase) between assessing another person and accepting as a friend or merely a simple acquaintance varies from individual to individual but one thing I have realized is that this time period is actually the defining period within which the entire equation the friendship depends.

There is nothing like a brother at arms, partner in progress, who equates himself with you cries when you cry and laughs at your lame jokes, generally being the one that props you up giving advice in a manner that leaves only the realities of actions and consequences in the balance.

Learning a person isn’t easy but when finally the process is over, you find that you have in essence learnt a part of yourself that will play important role over and over again.

Another benefit is that your friend acts as a highly polished mirror reflecting even the tiniest detail and helping in the struggle to achieve a balance in this seemingly chaotic world.

Time, how so innocuous it sounds and yet how so important, acting as a frame the shapes our activities and how, why and if we finally act out our scripted future actions.

And now, on to greater things, for tomorrow, I shall be a hero of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I am E Pluribus Unum©



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