Priceless Pictures…

Akin Goes to School
DAMN...I thought there was only Eze goes to school.I never knew there was Akin goes to school..

HEY everyone. I came across some pics and I decided to share it to those of us that weren’t born in the 50’s, 60’s or even 70’s sef. Here are some Priceless pictures. I couldn’t upload all but enjoy these pictures.

OLIVER D COQUE.This picture is Fantastic. You should Know already. This was in 1976. FASHION DISASTAR TB….I now know where Denrele Got his Style from.
zoma “Killi-We” Nwachukwu (1932-?) was for more than two decades celebrated as a homegrown Nigerian “superman.” Some of his legendary feats of strength included lifting buses, having cement blocks crushed on his head, and allowing cars to drive over his body. BOSS
Buhahahaha Nku Cream… Really …Bleaching Agents in the 60″s ..TB..
This brings back Memories. i read it when i was in secondary school.
Omo mehn…This chemistry textbook will be GOOD. 1976 edition
I wonder if textbooks like this can be Found. i dont know if they are good as the ones that are published now. this is the 1970 edition.
1953, Kano, Nigeria — American traveler looks at cloth in an open-air market.
The real Fatai Rolling Dollar..i see a resemblance here…Caption this.
Bata..Best Shoe ever…#Nuffsaid…i rocked BATA as a little kid.
Did you notice the excitement in that Little Girl”s face. She was Happy to be in Africa.This was in 1957.
Williams Alders Oyazimo, a a sub-lieutenant in the Nigerian Navy accused of armed robbery, cries out a declaration of innocence before the bullets come flying. Incredible Picture.
Wow. Venus De Milo… will make you Beautiful. hahahaha..Fantastic.
I dont need to explain this Picture.You already Know the Best Blender in the World.
This was and is still the best!

Thanks toThe Nigerian Nostalgia Project for these pictures. You can join the group On face book to see more interesting pictures.


  1. Wow! these are classic pics. love them all. the little girl watching TV in the living room could be me…I think everyone had that type of seat and the old Black and white TV in a 'jacket' that you close up at night and you had to get your littel butt up to switch the channel. i loved and cherish the growing up days in Naija. Venus de Milo! women went gaga for that stuff!. oh, let me stop. thanks for sharing these:)


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