Odiri [Part 8]


The cold air pierced my wet, tired, shivering body… burning like little hot needles all over my skin. My vision remained indecisive… going in and out of focus as I blinked away the life that slowly sipped out of me from the gash on my forehead. The rains quietened… even amidst the iridescent illumination of the night sky, it ceased its wild pita pata. The winds remained, whistling a dirge in the distance… spooking up the trees that rustled in the night. It was Eerie! There was no other word for it… just like my captors… this room and the large figured who towered over me, like a large predator over its prey… in possession of a rifle, covered in blood and basking in the smell that shrouded the atmosphere… the smell of fear. He was in control now.

The rifle had been lowered in the growing silence and he… Obum; just like the night, quietened into a brood… remaining stationed by the window… looking out as though he were expecting someone… or hiding from… someone.

Do you remember Obudu?” he said softly and quite randomly, his gaze fixed on the nothingness outside… dropping slowly in a deep meditation. Like the rain, his breathing eased up. I struggled calmly and carefully with my binds; twisting and turning my hands behind my back and feeling them burn through my skin. I winced in bitter pain at its stubbornness against my soft skin… but he couldn’t know this… he shouldn’t. Things were already bad enough. I just had to remain still and not arousing his suspicions… the last thing I needed was to have him agitated. “Do you remember that night we made love on the green fields underneath the pouring rain?” He paused again. “I do… even more so these days”.

My heart stopped briefly… I paused… He remembered. “Yes…” I whispered… my voice breaking underneath the burden of my fear… and pain. “It was magical” I closed my eyes, soaking in the memories and feeling the chasm in between my thighs tighten “… Those were good times” I let my head hang slowly out of exhaustion and in sober reflection.

Those were GREAT times…” He cut in… his hands playfully fiddling with the tip of the rifle. “You know… I always believed…” he chuckled “… that our love would outlast us… that it was so deep and so… overwhelmingly divine that it would still exist long after we were gone and that there would be enough… still potent and alive; left for our children and their children…” He paused and sighed… his face, sinking into a deep frown “… Happy ever after was just this new world that we were gonna find and conquer together… and WE would be the ones to show others the way… YOU and ME; Odiri” The sides of his lips trembled as he blinked away threatening tears. “What…” he swallowed and bit down hard on his bottom lip. “… What happened to us?” He shot me a puzzled look… his bloodshot eyes… watery.

My heart sank… way down into my stomach, churning at the questions his eyes asked that his mouth could not. Was it me? Did I do something to push you away? The questions piled… stacking themselves high until they came falling down the sides of his face in large tear drops.

You did nothing wrong Obum…” I said in a soft whisper… meaning every word.

… So then why…” He wept. “Why wasn’t I enough? enough???  Why weren’t WE enough???

I stopped struggling with my binds… ALL OF THEM! I stopped fighting. I guess you could say that in a morbid sense… I finally understood the paranoia but where do I begin to tell the story of Ebuka? How do I begin to trace back steps of a painful past I so careful covered?

The dwindling candle light had already begun waving goodnight to the room. The growing shadows on the walls and ceiling enhanced the gloom as the whole world slowly got plunged into darkness from the disappearing candle light. It was the same with Obum. I could see the world inside his eyes disappear. I could see it… I could hear the cracks and the shattering of priceless and fragile hopes and expectations. I could see him disappear… losing life… losing himself to the pain… just… letting go. At that moment, I just wanted to rush to his side and hold him… but how do I comfort him without breaking him? How do I heal him without first hurting him?

Obum… you are…” I said in between baited breaths “… my perfection. You are everything I did right in this life. I never… EVER set out to hurt you… not deliberately”. He wept bitterly in the corner… his right hand covering his face and the left still holding the tip of the gun that rested on the floor. He looked away, hand still on his face, trying to hide the tears he seemed to be ashamed of “Ebuka was…

He stopped abruptly… tensing up at the name… Oops! The sobbing stopped… He lunged at me, rifling falling to the floor “DO NOT MENTION THAT FUCKING NAME…!” His big, strong hands wrapped themselves around my small fragile neck… squeezing as he spat and cursed. “YOU DARE SPEAK THAT NAME TO ME YOU BITCH… YOU WHORE!!!” he squeezed.

Helpless, with my hands still tied behind my back, Obum drew breath from me. His thumbs pressed up against my throat with a revengeful hatred… crushing words… and the sound of my voice. “I am sorry… I’m… sorry” was all I could get through my shrinking windpipe. There was no use fighting it. It was definitely over. I gave in, my light-headedness forcing me to nod to gradual state of unconsciousness, my eyes drifting, along with my senses but then… awoken by a kiss…a wet one. He kissed me hard and so passionately, tears streaming down his eyes as he cried. I could taste the dried up blood on his face and the tears and at that moment… all I could think of was ‘Could this be Ebuka’s blood? Was he alive? Was he okay?’ Obum dropped to his knees, allowing his head to fall on my lap, weeping uncontrollably like a helpless little child. I struggled for air as I coughed… my chest heaving… taking in deep breaths. I fought to remain conscious, my head pounding worse than before. Quickly, my eyes darted in the darkness… looking for something, anything to aid in my escape.

I’m sorry” He cried. “I’m sorry”… he straightened my skirt with his hands… drawing meaningless shapes with his fingers and digging his face into my thighs.

Obum… please… let me go… I need to get to a hospital… I need to see a doctor. If u really and truly love me like I know you do… you will get me some medical help

He looked up… sober… examining my face with his eyes before tenderly lifting his hand and tracing the side of my face with his fingers. “Yea… yea… yea you’re right”. He agreed and got up slowly… gradually undoing my binds when suddenly there was a flash of light outside the window. He paused, quickly wiped the tears on his face and rushed to the window, avoiding plain sight. It was a car that had just driven into our drive way. The 2008 beige coloured Camry came to a proud halt and out stepped a strapping young man in a pair of sea blue Jeans and a white fitted shirt. He slammed the car door and activated the alarm… the lights blinked. He checked himself out with the window of his car, straightening his shirt and making final touch ups. Obum observed… Obum was irritated… Obum was scared. He reached for the rifle, slowly and quietly… making sure he made no sound. He picked it up and then aimed it at him.

Obum… What are you doing??!!” I gasped as I saw his index finger tighten around the trigger.

Obum… NO!!!

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  1. Oh i cant wait for this!!!!! Please when is the next post going to be up?? This is nice and its close to perfection..

  2. @chingum I agree with you… the two of them have issues. Maybe the guy that pulls up is even the spawn from hell Ebuka. Obum… YES jor!!!! Fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol

  3. WOW!!!! Eva you are a fucking genius. You should be the one running naija entertainment. Great music, Great writing skills… wot else do u have up your sleeves??? shuooooo. KAI!!!! i dey ya side oooo

  4. I can picture evrything in my head as it plays out….
    Better than a movie cos it allows everyone interpret the details how ever they want to…..
    This is amazing n im sure its Ebuka at the door…
    the guy dey even clean up before e enter yawa… lol!!!!!
    i beat shes going to take us back to another scene again….
    She got us wrapped around her fingers…….
    Na wa… i love this….

  5. omg when my sister said read this i thought ha naija people with their story but when i started i can see thru the eyes of the writer and all i can say is i am perplexed with the passion that has being put into this glorious book called (odiri)

  6. I think Obum shld jst chill,nd listen 2 her b4 killing or wotever it is he wants 2 do. I know she has made so many mistakes,buh he can still consider her


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