Odiri [Part 3]


My right hand steadied as it turned the key slowly… my throat dry, my mind scattered into a million pieces of thought. What if he was still out there, just waiting for me? I swallowed hard, fighting back tears of hopelessness and fear… trying to ignore the sound of the rain that tapped loudly on the windowpane. The key turned once with a dull clicking sound… I swallowed… with any luck, he didn’t hear that; I prayed with my left hand gripping the handle just a little bit tighter. NOTHING! I swallowed again and then let out a slow long sigh. It took a few seconds to muster up the courage to turn the key again… but I did … the noise just a little bit louder… still no sign of Obum. My head slowly rested on the door in a silent prayer… one final time before facing my fate and just when I was about to turn the handle… WAAAAAH!!!!!! A wild gust of wind barged into the gloomy room through the frail muttering windowpane, knocking over the bedside lamp and dusty picture frames that stood idly on the dresser. My heart leaped to my throat, my hands jerked back from the knob and from the key as I swung around… terrified that he had found his way into my imprisoned solitude. The windows swung helplessly back and forth.

My eyes widened, frantically searching the darkness… darting left and right as I pressed myself up against the door… frozen. No sign of Obum… I struggled to calm my breathing. I could hear the picture frame crack underneath my stumbling feet in the cold darkness. I paused and then slowly reached down for it, eyes still searching, heart still beating to the angry growls of the night that seemed only to be getting worse by the minute. With the flickering light from the midnight sky, I gazed upon the shattered picture frame. It was a picture of Obum and I on one of our vacations to Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross Rivers State. It was a couple’s retreat of sorts. I liked to
think of it as our second honeymoon; a time to get away from the world and just fall in love all over again and we did… we did. My heartbeat steadied. I could feel a smile creep up my lips as I stared at the funny faces we made for the camera. It was so hard to believe that all we had to show for 4years was a cracked, dusty picture frame.

Warmth washed over me as memories crept into my mind. Memories of a night like no other… of Obum’s warm, naked, perfectly carved body pressing up against mine on the moist green grass of an open field in the cold midnight air. Memories of tender rain drops drumming lightly and caressing every curve and movement of our quivering bodies as our passion burned hotter and brighter in the recklessness. The wind whistled ever so softly, as the trees cheered on in a dance from the silent melody. It was so divine and sublime. I moistened down in between, remembering the taste of his lips, the touch of his hand, the look in his eyes and how he whispered my name every time… Ooh… somewhere on the green fields of Obudu Cattle Ranch was love… real untamed, reckless love that will be remembered by all of nature for all time. I could still remember it.

Yes… Obum owned me; spirit, soul and body. My eyes wandered from the picture frame as I bit down hard on my bottom lip… welcoming the distant memories of our night on those fields. His tongue, softly teasing and tracing the insides of my lips in a moist kiss… smiling and nibbling… and then pausing to look at me… to look into me as he whispered ‘Its all about you tonight baby… I won’t stop till you tell me’. I could feel his toned body tighten up as his hand firmly moved up and down my thigh with such precision and delicacy… his fingers running loose like an artist’s brush on a blank canvass. I let out a soft moan as his lips journeyed through light soft kisses down my neck and then up again… pausing briefly to tickle the hollow of my ear with the tip of his tongue while whispering ‘I love you… I love you sooo much Odiri… past my mind… beyond my heart and deep into my soul… let me prove that to you tonight’. Another moan escaped my lips… carried away by the wind. I pressed up against him, my head tilted back in surrender and my back arched into his chest… his fingers… searching, stroking… discovering the inner and outer parts of
my quivering thigh. But he was in no hurry. His fingers traced the lace trimmings of my panties… as he nibbled on my ear lobes “O..o..Obum” I struggled for breath… “Shhhhhhhh… Just relax”. He whispered in my ear. His fingers tugged lightly on the panties… grazing the nicely shaved fine hairs underneath. It tickled. His fingers made meaningless shapes, going just a little bit lower each time. I moaned, a little bit louder. He smiled… the paused… his fingers slowly abandoning their quest. He raised his head to look at me… rain dripping from his lips and nose, his white t-shirt… clinging to the curves of his body… perfection! I can still remember the taste of the rain on his skin. It was a salty sweetness kind of taste. His eyes stayed fixed on me with such arousing passion. His hand found mine; he kissed it and then placed it on his chest. It heaved… his heart pounding… the rain making love to his form with
such ease and artistry. My eyes roamed… drinking in the sight… anticipating… anxiously waiting. “Let me show you”. He whispered and then slowly lowered himself to me, planting a kiss on my forehead, then my nose, then my lips. His fingers fiddled with the buttons of my wet cashmere blouse. One by one they came undone all the while gliding his tongue over my lips. Lace! He loved lace underwear. I could see his eyes light up at the sight of the red lace bra concealed underneath the blouse “Beautiful… they are such a sight to behold”. But obum wasn’t in a hurry. He delicately cupped each breast, kissing it, caressing and moulding it in his big hands. My hands raked through his thick hair, eyes shut tightly… my teeth biting down hard on my bottom lip to prevent another sound from escaping. He must have looked up at me because he stopped and pulled himself up until his eyes were looking
straight into mine. “Baby I don’t want you to close your eyes… tonight I want you to see everything”. He planted a kiss on my lips, tracing back down to my breasts.

He fiddled with the strap of my bra… up and down, up and down until with such ease he lifted them over my shoulders. He gently but firmly pulled on the cups… licking his lips at the sight of two dark brown pointy nipples sitting over a mass of milk chocolate coloured breasts. Like a child, he fondled it with his fingers and then with his tongue, giving off soft groans as he squeezed and sucked and kissed. I felt him harden up. I closed my eyes to the pouring rain… my mouth opened, giving off moans, some in his name. My head tilted back to all kinds of sensations. I could fill his tongue make light strokes as it journeyed down my body. His hands remained
firmly but tenderly massaging my breasts as he dived lower to the top of my skirt. He paused and then raised himself up… breathing; his jeans bulging just underneath his belt. His hand found mine. He kissed it and then placed it there. I felt the hardness. I
felt it throb. I stroked it and then fiddled with his belt buckle. He let out a sigh as he threw his head back in surrender.

The sky ripped open with another flicker of light. The night roared with a loud bang. I startled back into reality… heart racing from the memory of pleasure and the fear of pain. I placed the broken picture frame, face down on the bed and rushed to close the windows, fastening the bolts. I ran to the door and put my ear to it once more… NOTHING… I could hear nothing; just the sound of the pouring rain. For the last time, I looked around the room and then I turned the door knob and pulled.

The door creaked open… I paused… still nothing. I stuck my head out looking left and right… still nothing. The bottom of the stairs glowed from the light of a nearby candle. I stepped out… my eyes still searching. I stood at the top of the stairs looking down… nothing. I paused… then I took my first step. The floors screamed in pain. I paused… maybe he wasn’t in the house. Maybe he was outside… I could just make a run for it. I could get to the neighbour’s house and call the police or scream or something. I took my second step down the stairs… then my third and my fourth… the floor betraying my every move. The coast was clear but…I froze… MUSK… and CIGARETTES!!!…. I gasped… OBUM!

Look out for part 4…

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  1. @bushgirl I agree wit u ooooo. Eva wan cause katakata dis early monday morning. Choi!!!! C as I dey breathe as I dey read am. Hmmmmmmm…. Evaaaaaaa!!!! I L♥√ع ur imagination tho….u ALWAYS know Ђδω to take us there… Oya oooooo part 4!!!!! *going back to re-read part 3*

  2. Oh my Eva! Dat was rly sumfin. Now i’ve got sumfin to look forward to on Mondays.

    U go girl (or maam *giggles*)


  4. Geejuss!!!! @T.slasher cooooo down ooooo lol Na wa oooooo. dis one no bi pornography oooo u read the other parts so? LOL anyway I agree with u say EVA get korrect talent but I hope say the talent I mean na the same talent U mean oooo LOL

  5. Wow! Your control of English Literature is commendable. From one writer to another, I tip my hat off to you. Good work.

  6. Hmmmm….

    Now i can relate to crack heads……

    I want more… more and more…..

    U took me on a long lovely trip…

    Thank you…..

  7. Hmmmmmm…. I don’t think Eva knows what this particular episode is doing to people Oooo. Hmmmmm. I am feeling tinz Eva. Is this story EVERY monday???? I must commend u and Jaguda. Great idea, quite unique and u guys are pulling it off brilliantly. Pls make this into a book or film or something when you are done. Its really really good. Gosh…I am still breathing hard from that single reading alone


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