Nollywood: Nollywood Goes To Australia For “Gossip Nation”


Nollywood takes it to Australia as Gossip Nation becomes the first high budget Nollywood movie to be shot on location in Australia. Directed by Mike Kang, the movie features Monalisa Chinda, Saabeah Aforo Addo, Ejike Asiegbu, Edigue Omokaro and much more. Gossip Nation is a comedy that should keep us laughing for hours.

Press Info:

In Blacktown, a small but steadily growing African community faces its greatest challenge – Gossip. Gossip that destroys friendships, family, hoods – even interracial relations with other Australians as it strives through the difficult road of multiculturalism.

Gossip Nation takes multiple characters each on his / her journey through the strained community of Blacktown. Each character touches another through the destructive power of Gossip.

Kemi, a Nigerian immigrant in her 20’s, spreads damaging Gossip within her African community out of her need to be loved, starting the fires of greed, jealousy and loneliness to those she touches.

John is an English immigrant that has left the old country in order to escape the onslaught of sudden immigration. Now an established Australian family man, he finds his style of life he worked hard to build threatened by a steadily growing African community in his neighbourhood.

Kabaka is a quirky, successful businessman trapped in his own world of uncontrollable lust, forever seeking to bed down with young women many years below his age – priding his rate of success. His latest ambition leads to Jenny – a young married woman with strong integrity locked in a marriage based on a lie.

Amanda is a 2nd generation African living in an abusive family that has failed to achieve the Australian dream. Alone at heart, her pursuit to find a new family to belong in sets her down the road to self-destruction as relationships collapse around her.

Emeka is an engineer from Nigeria and now an office cleaner in Australia. Emeka lives a faceless existence, a shadow of what he had hoped his Australian life would be. He encounters Greg, an Anglo Australian businessman whom through tough love tries to show him the raw truth and turn his life around.

Source: Nollywood By Mindspace on Facebook


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