Nigerian Idol Contestant makes a Mess of Flavour’s Song ‘Ada Ada’


…. As Benue hosts Nigerian Idol for the first time

This is one video that will leave you with mixed emotions of anger and laughter.

For the first time in 4 seasons, Africa’s biggest music reality show, Nigerian Idol made a stop at the Food Basket of Nigeria, Benue for an opportunity to harvest unique voices.

23-year-old, Patrick Ahemba thought it a good idea to meet the judging trio of Dare Art-Alade, Nneka Egbuna and Dede Mabiaku with his own version of Flavour’s hit track, ‘Ada Ada.’

Not only did he sing off key, he got the words all mumbled up and totally different from the original version. “Did you practice this song very well? If you did there is absolutely nothing in this world you will be able to sing,” said an irritated Dede.

Watch Video below




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